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Rupert Davies

ACMG Snowboard Guide

Originally from Ontario, Rupert moved to the West Coast of Canada as a teenager and has since traveled the world as a Professional Snowboarder.  Although his youth was spent filming snowboard videos getting radical in everything from urban settings to backcountry booters, Rupert maintained his fitness and became a passionate rock climber.  As years passed, Rupert wondered if there was more to the mountains and began exploring the Coast Mountains on a split-board.  His passion for these mountains and what they have provided him with is outspoken.  In the last 5 years, Rupert has made a name for himself as a true professional.  He spends his summers as a Rock Guide taking clients up Squamish granite and his winters in the snowy peaks, he is only one of a handful of certified Snowboard Guides in Canada.

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