ACMG Ski Guide Canadian Avalanche Association - Professional Member Canadian Avalanche Industry Training Program Instructor Wilderness First Responder (80h)

Robert T

ACMG Ski Guide

Robert Thor has been guiding in the mountains for over 20 years in Iceland, Greenland, and Canada.  His outdoor aspirations began as a volunteer for SAR and a park ranger in Iceland.  Having crossed the Greenland icecap and Iceland multiple times by foot and skis, he decided to explore new challenges in Canada.  Robert is an ACMG certified ski guide and an instructor for the Canadian Avalanche Association.
Now a father of two, Robert is well practiced in keeping calm and keeping his sense of humor in times of chaos.  Always enjoying a diversified life, Robert splits his time between Canada and Iceland.  During his offseason, Robert stays busy as a landscape architect and graphic designer.

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