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AST 2 – Avalanche Skills Training

The AST Level 2 is a course that takes you to bigger mountains, further places and wilder terrain.  So if you’re looking to take it a few steps further -literally- then this is the course for you. 

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Take on four and a half days of hands-on Avalanche Skills Training in the backcountry.  Immersed in challenging and complex terrain to push and expand your backcountry knowledge, the AST 2 course builds upon participants' backcountry experiences by focusing on observational tools and experiential decision making.

We offer intimate group sizes taught by professional ACMG Ski Guides committed to teaching the skills required to be safe and have a blast while elevating your backcountry adventures.

**4 full days in the Backcountry and a half day of online learning


AST 1 (or equivalent), ski touring experience and advanced ski or riding ability.

Highlight Skills

Advanced snow assessment, student leads, avalanche forecasting and experiential decision-making process.


4.5 Days**


Starting at $750


Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton, BC


All Winter


Intermediate Expert

Guest / Guide Ratio

6 to 1


  • Course Material (Decision Making Hand Book)
  • 4 Days Instruction from CAA Members and ACMG Guide
  • 1/2 day online course that you can refer back to for 2 months following your course 

Does Not Include

  • Avalanche Rescue Equipment
  • Whistler Blackcomb Backcountry Lift Ticket
  • Lunch

Participants of the AST 2 course shift from rule-based decision making to experiential decision making. We focus on tools that will leverage your past experiences with observational tools in the field to make safe decisions in avalanche terrain. The AST 2 course covers advanced snow assessment, decision-making process, group management and advanced travel techniques.

Avalanche Skills Training

Use the Avaluator™ as a filtering tool to determine when additional planning and travel techniques are required to travel safely.
Be familiar with Avalanche Danger Rating verification techniques for personal use on a local scale.
Be familiar with the ATES technical model as a means to develop personal, local terrain ratings.

Ski Touring Training

Use route finding to take advantage of nuances in terrain to manage personal risk.
Use travel techniques in avalanche terrain appropriate to the avalanche conditions.
Proficiently carry out a companion rescue. Understand the limits of their training

This course is the next step in your Avalanche Skills Training. Participants must have completed an AST 1 (or equivalent) or have permission from instructors based on your past backcountry experience. It is also recommended that participants have a minimum of 20 days of touring experience and regularly ski tours of 1000m days of uphill travel.

  • Advanced Ski or Boarding Ability (black diamond runs
  • Familiarity with Ski Touring or Split Board Equipment
  • Moderate Fitness - Can Ski Tour Uphill 1000 - 1500m
  • AST 1 or Equivalent
  • 20 Days Ski Touring Experience

W/B Lift Ticket - $45

Crevasse Rescue + Glacier Travel Online Course - $45

2023-2024 Season

Dec. 2-5
$879 per person + GST
Dec. 7-10
$879 per person + GST
Dec. 14-17
$879 per person + GST
Dec. 18-21
$750 per person + GST
Jan. 4-7
$879 per person + GST
Jan. 8-11
$750 per person + GST
Jan. 18-21
$879 per person + GST
Jan. 25-28
$879 per person + GST
Feb. 1-4
$879 per person + GST
Feb. 5-8
$750 per person + GST
Feb. 16-19
$879 per person + GST
Feb. 29 - Mar. 3
$879 per person + GST
Mar. 14-17
$879 per person + GST
Kees & Claire Hut Based Jan. 14-17
$1159 per person + GST
Kees & Claire Hut Based Feb. 8-11
$1159 per person + GST
Kees & Claire Hut Based Mar. 21-24
$1159 per person + GST
Custom Course (up to 6 people)
As low as $600 per person + GST

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