Rock climbing at almost 4000m high above broken, expansive glaciers... in early June.  Ill take it!  Chamonix is really just unbelievable when it come to the access potential.  A one hour walk from the Aiguille du midi lift you have a life times worth of epic alpine rock climbing.  From 5 to way too many pitches.   Yesterday I teamed up with American mountain guide Danny Ulhmann and bad ass Italian steep skier Gulia Monego to climb the Pointe Lachenal via the route "Harold e Maud" a striking 9 pitch route of crack climbing to 5.10.   Beautiful sunny day in the alpine; it really doesn't get too much better.  Chamonix rock climbing, check it out. [gallery columns="2" ids="5742,5738,5739,5740,5737,5736,5741"]