[caption id="attachment_5716" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Climbing south face of Mt Habrich May 31, 2014 Climbing south face of Mt Habrich May 31, 2014[/caption] What a fun day out on Mt Habrich! Looks like we may have been the first to summit Mt Habrich this season. There is still lots of early season snow around on the approach and some of the ledges on the west face. We acceded the south face mostly following the route Life on Earth at 5.10c. It was a long day finishing in at 11 hours back at the Sea to Sky Gondola. Was great to get high fives from friends at the top of the Gondola after a long day out in the mountains. The bar was even luckily still open, because we needed a drink. Once all the snow melts and the trail is easier to follow it will be quicker and less effort.  Look forward to trying the west face, (Escape Velocity at 5.9) route next time! [gallery ids="5571,5711,5716,5710,5722,5721,5681,5720,5718,5717,5715,5714,5713,5682,5683,5684,5685,5686,5689,5712,5680,5596"]