Bugaboo ClimbingEast Post Spire Bugaboos rock climbing[gallery columns="2" ids="4780,4779,4778,4777,4776,4775,4774,4773,4772,4771,4770,4769"] Bugaboo Climbing.  !!!  Again we got to do a trip to the fabulous Bugaboo Mountains!  On or trip we climbed East Post Spire, Bugaboo Spire, Pidgeon Spire, Pidgeon Feathers and Crescent Towers! The weather was great for us except for one day where the rocks started buzzing and it rained on us. Thankfully we still managed to climb a route on Snowpatch Spire.  The quality of Bugaboo climbing is a place that truly has top be visited to believed. Every-time I go it never ceases to amaze…!