Vancouver Rock Climbing



Rock Climbing Guides fee, Group climbing equipment.


Personal rock climbing gear (shoes, harness, helmet), Lunch, Water, Camera


April through October


$370 per person 1:1 (guide : guest)

$210 per person 1:2


Vancouver Rock Climbing is the best Canada has to offer! Angels’ CrestDiedreThe Grand Wall, Squamish Buttress, Freeway, all 50 multi-pitch classics!  If you’ve wanted to try any of these five star routes but haven’t had the chance, join us for a truly memorable climb! Altus Mountain Guides can take you on a memorable climb in Squamish. Vancouver Rock Climbing is world class with Squamish just down the road. Let Altus Mountain Guides take you on a guided rock climbing trip in Squamish or Vancouver. Rock Guides at Altus Mountain Guides are all ACMG certified rock guides or fully certified ACMG Alpine/Mountain Guides. With your personal experienced rock guide you are guarantied to have a rock climbing experience to remember.  Your Rock guide will show you some of the many hidden and classic climbs that otherwise are unknown rock routes hidden in the forest. All Rock Guides working in Squamish, for Altus Mountain Guides are experts at guiding rock climbing safely. Let us take you out on one of the many Vancouver rock climbs Squamish has to offer!


Vancouver Rock Climbing is for entry level or experienced climbers with good fitness. If all you have ever done is climb in a climbing gym, that is ok. We can take you out and teach you how to rock climb multi pitch climbs.  With the many different multi pitch climbs in Squamish there is something for everyone. Even if you have never climbed on rock before or even climbed in the rock climbing gyms, we can teach you the ways. Our highly experience expert guides are rock climbing specialists that have the skills to take you from the sidewalk to the side of the Squamish Chief. Take one of our rock climbing courses and learn how to climb safely. Or if you have years of climbing experience and are already an expert climber we can still take you to new places that will push your limits.  Altus Mountain Guides employs world class climbers that are pushing the limits of climbing. If you have dreams of free climbing the hardest routes in the world from Baffin Island big walls to the golden stone of Yosemite. Let the skills of Altus Mountain Guides take you to high places that you have only dreamed of. Vancouver Rock Climbing is for you!


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Be prepared for an all day rock climbing adventure. Time will depend on your fitness and selected rock climbing route.

Angles Crest

13 pitches up a stunning arete, this rock climb is more like a mountain route than a rock climb.  Jam packed with interesting rock climbing up to 5.10 in difficulty,  Hand jams, face, ridge traversing and exciting exposure.  This Squamish multi-pitch classic rock climb has it all!

Squamish Buttress

A historic Fred Beckey classic rock climb with 10 – 13 pitches no harder than 5.9 – 5.10c, the easiest technical rock climb up the Squamish Chief.  Start on the moderate rock route of the Apron (up to 5.9) to warm up, then on to the final head wall.  Option exists either up a 5.10c corner or a 5.9 engaging face variation.

The Grand Wall

The true test piece of the area.  Climbers come each year to test there skill on the Squamish’ masterpiece.  An Altus rock guide will guide you up this fantastic Squamish rock route. 10 pitches of wildly exposed crack climbing straight up the main face.  You’ll remember the exposure for years of the classic Grand Wall rock climb.


Where climbers come to cut their teeth.  This rock climbing route follows an impeccable 200 meter corner at 5.7.  World class rock climbing!

Calculus Crack

A great Squamish rock climb to test your crack climbing skills.  Calculus crack follows a straight line on the left side of the apron ascending perfect hand and finger cracks in an unbeatable position.

Tick-list photos of: Squamish Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing 

Angel's Crest Squamish Rock Climbing - Altus Mountain Guides

Printable: Squamish 50 Classics tick list.


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Vancouver Rock Climbing EQUIPMENT LIST

Please contact Altus Mountain Guides for any questions or expert advice on the best equipment to have.  Let us know what you need on the list before you purchase any gear.  We can lend you gear free of charge or can advise you on the best gear to purchase. 

Please contact Altus Mountain Guides for any questions or expert advice on the best equipment to have.  Let us know what you need on the list before you purchase any gear.  We can lend you gear free of charge or can advise you on the best gear to purchase. 

Personal Gear:

  • Approach shoe or running shoes
  • Climbing Shoes
  • Climbing/hiking pants or shorts – nylon, fleece, Schoeller, etc. (1 pair)
  • Toque/warm hat / sun hat depending ton day – wool or fleece (1)
  • Sunglasses – 1005 UV block (1pr)
  • Sunscreen – minimum spf30
  • Water bottles/hydration system – minimum 1 liters
  • Food for the day

 Communal and Technical equipment:

  • (Supplied by AMG if required):
  • Climbing harness – seat harness only
  • Helmet
  • 2 locking carabineers
  • 1 belay device
  • x1 – 120cm spectra webbing 
  • Headlamp with new battaries


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About Crosby

Crosby’s knowledge and love of the mountains means that guests always have an enjoyable experience. Regardless of what mountain adventure you choose with Altus Mountain Guides, Crosby’s diverse skill set enables him to cover all of the details, ensuring that you have a safe, well-organized, and fun trip that exceeds your expectations, whether it is in the Alpine on skis or the rock.

IFMGA / ACMG Mountain Guide
Canadian Ski Guide Association Level 3
Avalanche Canada Professional Member
Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance Level 3
Outdoor Emergency Care Technician