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Challenge the Chief

Think you have the muscle to climb the Squamish chief? Prove it! Two days we will train you the skills of rock climbing and attempt to summit the Squamish Chief by the main face climbing route – Squamish Buttress. If you are successful you will be entered into the draw for a crack at an alpine summit attempt, climbing gear to get you started on your own personal climbing journey and $250 to spend with us on any further course.

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Squamish Splitter Camp

The Squamish Splitter Camp is a two day turbo boosted tour of crack climbing in one of the world’s great sites: Squamish. Join our expert guides and pro athletes for a high end look into crack technique from thin to offwidth, protection strategies and advanced tips for succeeding on your project or just upping your game. We will visit crags that are off the beaten path and get into some obscure classics guaranteed to challenge any climber regardless of their abilities. The concept of this Camp is to make you a better all around crack master.

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