Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Course

Skills to Avoid Crevasses and What to Do if You Don't

Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue is the essential course for any skier or rider looking to venture into glaciated terrain.  Whether you are crossing glaciers or boot packing over bergschrunds, you will spend lots of time on glaciers if you ski in big mountains.  Learn how to safely travel across glaciers and learn what to do if you or your partner take the plunge!  Glacier dynamics, glacier assessment, risk factors, glacier travel and companion rescue (crevasse extraction) are the focus of this 2-day course.


Courses available in Squamish & Vancouver, BC, upon request.


Online course offered here.


The Goods

Length: 2 Days

Locations: Day 1 in Squamish, Day 2 in Whistler

Meeting point: The Common

Prerequisites: Previous ski touring experience, AST 1 (or equivalent) and good fitness.

Highlight Skills: Assessing glaciers, roping up on glaciers and crevasse rescue roped & unroped.

Season: Scheduled Dates All Winter

Max. Guest to Guide Ratio: 6:1

Price: $339


What You Will Learn

Our Crevasse Rescue and Glacier Travel course covers the gear necessary for glacier travel and rescue and a wide range of glacier travel techniques, glaciology and how to perform crevasse rescue in various scenarios.

Day 1 – Crevasse Rescue and Rope Skills (Squamish)

  • Understanding the required gear

  • Snow anchors

  • Haul: drop loop, 3:1, 6:

  • Rappel and rope climbing

  • Lowering/belay into to steep line or cornice

  • Setting up rappel in snow

  • Roping up for glacier travel

Day 2 – Glacier Travel (Whistler)

  • Understanding glacier, an alpine environment, crevasse formation, bergschrund formation

  • Identify mountain hazard

  • Snow assessments in big and or steep terrain

  • Assessing glaciers

  • Navigation

  • Route planning

  • Managing cornices

I just completed the Crevasse Rescue Course with Holly.  She was an excellent instructor - very patient, knowledgable, and excellent at explaining systems and why they work.  There was a mixed skill and experience level in our group and it was great to be able to tailor each persons goals and training appropriate to their experience and what will suit them best to travel safely in the mountains. 

- Ben

I want to say a big thank you to the Altus team for enabling my future multi-pitch adventures, I feel really good about how today's course has prepared me for the big leagues 🙂

- Mark T

Is This for You

If you have logged some time backcountry skiing or climbing and are ready to push up into glaciated alpine terrain.

  • Moderate Ski Touring Experience

  • Excellent Ski or Board Ability (Black Diamonds)

  • Good Fitness (500 - 1000m/Day)

Scheduled Courses 2021/2022

All prices are in CAD and subject to 5% sales tax.

December 1 - 2 $339 / person

December 4 - 5 $339 / person

December 18 - 19 $339 / person

December 29 - 30 $339 / person

January 15 - 16 $339 / person

February 5 - 6 $339 / person

February 16 - 17 $339 / person

March 12 - 13 $339 / person

March 23 - 24 $339 / person


Still Have Questions or Concerns?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or requests on how we can make this the best trip ever!!!

About Ross Berg

Ross has guided, climbed and skied in the European Alps for the last several seasons. When he's at home he can be found working as a heli ski guide in winters and climbing alpine rock routes in summer.