Rock Rescue

Crucial Skills to get Yourself out of a Pickle!

Rock Rescue skills are essential for any rock climber who ventures into multi-pitch terrain!

High angle rock rescue skills are the focus of this intensive single-day course. Learn the skills to help yourself, your partner, or an adjacent party halfway up a multi-pitch route. The course will primarily focus on the art of technical descents, lowers and raises systems.

What’s included?

  • 1 full day out in the field with an ACMG guide
  • Access to our online course
  • Access to our top-up clinics throughout the season

After this course, you’ll have all the skills required to carry out simple rock rescues in single and multi-pitch terrain.

Continual learning is fundamental to every climbers’ journey.  And that's why we provide top-up sessions throughout the season. This gives students a chance to put their skills into practice, and head out with a guide to refine their skills. We also provide access to our online course as part of the learning experience, so you can study before and after your day in the field.

Save 10% when this course is combined with Multi-Pitch Climbing or Trad Climbing over the same weekend!

The Goods

Length: 1 Day

Locations: Squamish, BC.

Meeting point: The Squamish Adventure Centre

Prerequisites: Experience Trad and Multi-Pitch climbing.

Highlight Skills: Advanced anchor systems, haul systems, improvised lowering and rappelling

Season: Scheduled Dates All Summer

Extras: Access to our online course and top-up clinics throughout the season

Max. Guest to Guide: 4:1

Price: $189


What You Will Learn

  • The necessary gear required for rescue technique
  • Advanced anchor building
  • How to escape the belay
  • Haul 3:1, 6:1, Block and Tackle
  • Lowers: redirect, munter and knot pass
  • Counterbalance rappel and Tram
  • Improvised rappel anchors/ system
  • Improvised first-aid and rescue response

Fantastic mountain guides whom I would come back to anytime. My experience with Altus has been on three different occasions: ice climbing, ski touring and mountaineering, and each time had an awesome adventure. Their guides are extremely knowledgeable, inspiring, thorough, and able to cater to individuals' preferences and needs.

- Dora V

Kyle was an excellent and patient instructor.. took a rock rescue course and was impressed with the depth of knowledge and attention to multiple rigging options that he showed us. Kyle has a great attitude and made the day fun and approachable.

- Antonio F

Is This for You?

If you are climbing multi-pitch routes or leading single pitch routes, Rock Rescue Skills are crucial to have in your repertoire in case of an accident in either your party or an adjacent team.

  • Previous Multi-Pitch Climbing experience
  • Proficiency with Belaying
  • Proficiency with Climbing Knots and Gear
  • Figure 8, Munter, Clove Hitch, Fishermans Knots
  • Excellent Gear Placements
  • Understanding of Multi-Pitch Systems: Ascent and Rappel


Scheduled Courses - 2022

May 22 $189 / person

All prices are in CAD dollar and subject to 5% sales tax

June 7 $159 / person


June 19 $189 / person

July 3 $189 / person

July 24 $189 / person

August 7 $189 / person

August 21 $189 / person

August 28 $189 / person

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About Ross Berg

Ross has guided, climbed and skied in the European Alps for the last several seasons. When he's at home he can be found working as a heli ski guide in winters and climbing alpine rock routes in summer.