Rock Rescue Course

Online / Offline Version

Due to the COVID - 19 pandemic, we have adjusted our delivery of Rock and Mountain courses to reduce the chance of gear and individuals' physical contact. As well as limiting any groups of individuals outside of the pre-establish circles.


We are excited to offer all the content covered in our normal courses in a blending online/offline format.

Step 1: Online course - All normal content for the course is delivered online through presentations and videos. Learn more

Step 2: Schedule a time to chat or video chat with your guide—a 20-minute session.

Step 3: Schedule an outdoor session with your guide. This will be a 1:1 ratio to minimize exposure. For households or those confident about their partner, this may be adjusted to a 2:1 ratio—2-hour session.

*Full day outdoor private courses are available to households or established groups - Learn more 


The Goods

Length: Online + 20 chat + 2 hour field session

Locations: Online + Squamish, BC.

Meeting point: The Squamish Adventure Centre

Prerequisites: Experience Trad and Multi-Pitch climbing.

Highlight Skills: Advanced anchor systems, haul systems, improvised lowering and rappelling

Season: All Summer

Max. Guest to Guide Ratio: 2:1*

Price: $165

What You Will Learn

  • The necessary gear required for rescue technique
  • Advanced anchor building
  • How to escape the belay
  • Haul 3:1, 6:1, Block and Tackle
  • Lowers: redirect, munter and knot pass
  • Counterbalance rappel and Tram
  • Improvised rappel anchors/ system
  • Improvised first-aid and rescue response

The Online Course

If you are climbing multi-pitch routes or leading single pitch routes, Rock Rescue Skills are crucial to have in your repertoire in case of an accident in either your party or an adjacent team.

  • Previous Multi-Pitch Climbing experience
  • Proficiency with Belaying
  • Proficiency with Climbing Knots and Gear
  • Figure 8, Munter, Clove Hitch, Fishermans Knots
  • Excellent Gear Placements
  • Understanding of Multi-Pitch Systems: Ascent and Rappel

Learn more

Chat with your instructor

After you have worked through the online course, schedule a session to chat with your instructor. Here you can ask your instructor any questions you might have from the online course session as well as what you will need to do to prepare for your 1:1 in-field session.

  • Zoom video call
  • Phone call
  • Text messaging
  • Webchat
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The Field Session

Time to take it to the rock!

Now that you have worked through all the skills online and refined your learning through chatting with your instructor, you will have the time to put it all to practice in the field on the real rock! This outdoor session will run for 2 hours at a maximum of 2:1 ratio, assuming the same household otherwise 1:1.

  • 2 hours in the field
  • 1:1 ratio
  • Available location: Squamish, Vancouver, Whistler

Schedule a Courses - 2020

Available any date June 1 - October 15, 2020

8:00 - 10:00 am $165 / person

10:00 - 12:00 am $165 / person

12:00 - 14:00 am $165 / person

16:00 - 18:00 pm $165 / person

18:00 - 20:00 pm $165 / person


Warm Up Session

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Squamish Accomodation

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Did two climbing courses with Altus and both were great! Very skilled and experienced instructors who knew how to pass on their knowledge and let you learn hands on. I can fully recommend Altus for any outdoor course or trip!

- Tim P

Tucker catered the course to our experience levels and I felt that every step was helpful and built upon the previous skill. There was loads of practice time, climb time, and I finished the course feeling confident that I could practice those skills on my own/with friends.

- Alex W

Still Have Questions or Concerns?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or requests on how we can make this the best trip ever!!!

About Ross Berg

Ross has guided, climbed and skied in the European Alps for the last several seasons. When he's at home he can be found working as a heli ski guide in winters and climbing alpine rock routes in summer.