Our Story.

ALTUS (Latin): High, Deep, Noble or Profound

Since 2012 Altus Mountain Guides has specialized in mind-blowing mountain adventures both locally and beyond.  From our backyard in Squamish & Whistler, BC to peaks throughout Japan and Europe, our experiences are founded upon the assurance that our guests receive the pinnacle of quality.  Care is dedicated to each unique goal and need from start to finish.  We take great pride in teaming our guests with the best guides in the industry, all of whom are specifically chosen to facilitate their task at the highest level of performance.


Altus Mountain Guides was designed and built upon a foundation of three core goals: to Recreate, Elevate and Actuate.  RECREATE (because if you’re not having fun it’s not worth doing), to ELEVATE guided experiences by developing new, higher-end adventures for skiers and climbers and to ACTUATE sustainable career opportunities for our community of Certified Guides to do what they love- share their passion with our guests.


Guides – Our crew is composed of fully-certified ACMG and IFMGA Guides.  Each Altus Guide has a passion for his or her discipline, an impressive personal resume of climbing and/or ski accomplishments and the energy to deliver a safe mountain experience that is fun, caring and dialled in.  As we grow as a company, so does our guest experience.  And as we learn from each other, we all end up reaching new heights.

Experiences – We deliver the trips we want to do!  We don’t consider guiding a job in a traditional sense but rather a passion.  And our passion for guiding shines through in the meticulous attention to every detail of every course and trip.  Our approach has always been to redefine the course structure by teaching climbers and skiers the skills to get out on their own safely and efficiently without all the fluff.

Altus Mountain Guides specializes in organizing Custom Mountain Sports Trips.  So whether your dream trip is climbing a new route in a remote region of the world, or you simply need a hiking companion, regardless of your skill level or what you choose, or create, with one of our experienced Guides by your side, anything is possible.


Taking a spin on the Triple Bottom Line approach to business our three pillars are Guides, Environment and Community.  As Mountain Guides we owe our careers and success to the environment.  By empowering our guests, and community with the tools to enjoy our amazing mountain resources to the fullest, whilst staying safe, we equip the community to become better stewards of the environment.

Altus Mountain Guides also gives back to the community annually by donating services and time to causes we are passionate about.  In addition to fundraiser donations and free educational days, Altus created the annual Winterstoke Festival as a means to make backcountry education more available to a broader audience by offering courses at more accessible prices.  These holistic pursuits are our genuine driving force that we look forward to build upon.

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