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Climbing the south ridge of Mount Tricouni - Whistler Alpine Climbing

Mount Tricouni – South Ridge, Whistler Alpine Climbing

What a fantastic day out on Mount Tricouni! Just a short drive from Whistler it makes a great hike and a fun day of Mountaineering. After the drive up the access road it is only about 30min to Tricouni Lake.

Mt Garbaldi Crevasse camping

Crevasse Camping – Mt Garibaldi

Last week got to go up onto Mt Garibaldi again but in a bit of a storm…..did snow good old Crevasse Camping!
Our clients Doug and Tom didn’t bail just because of a little poor weather. Gotta like the spirit! Only snow 40cm on us overnight. Was a joy getting up in the night twice to clean the snow off our collapsing tent… The crevasse was the best place to camp out of the howling wind.

Fun trip to be out in a real storm.

Brohm Ridge Mt. Garibaldi.

Mt Garibaldi Guide – Altus Mountain Guides

One of our last trips to Mt. Garibaldi. Still managed to get out on the Mountain in September. With 50 to 80cm of new snow fall on the mountain it made it difficult travel on the glacier. Especially with all the crevasses just covered up on the glacier. With the owner of Summit Co in Oklahoma,


we still managed to have a great time and see some fantastic views!


Trad Lead Climbing Course – Squamish

Was fun to get out with two clients on a Trad Lead Climbing Course in Squamish.
We started with just leading and then we progressed into leading on gear. Good job Jodie and Drew! Great to see people on their first Rock climbing leads and first traditional lead climbing climbs!

Keep it up!

Star Check

Star Chek – Bolted Multi Pitch Rock Climb in Squamish – 5.9

What a fun day on Star Chek! Star Chek being on of the only bolted Multi Pitch Rock climbs in Squamish is a gem o a climb right above the Chek River!

Ears Between Bugaboos Cresent Towers

Glacier National Park Travel Guide – Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 28th

Glacier National Park Travel Guide – Altus Mountain Guides
Warriors, unite!

This week we honor the diversity of our fellow Weekend Warriors. I’m talking about all the different kinds of adventurers and explorers out there who tackle the same mountains, trails, ice walls, and boulders with the same unbreakable will and indescribable joy. Students, tour guides, scientists, and even dogs–all Warriors and all to be celebrated!

Check out their pics below and then hit the jump to their blogs for more awesome photos and stories!

East Post Spire Bugaboos rock climbing copy

Bugaboo Climbing

Bugaboo Climbing. !!! Again we got to do a trip to the fabulous Bugaboo Mountains! On or trip we got to climb East Post Spire, Bugaboo Spire, Pidgeon Spire, Pidgeon Feathers and Crescent Towers! The weather was great for us except for one day where the rocks started buzzing and it rained on us. Thankfully we still managed to climb a route on Snowpatch Spire. The quality of Bugaboo climbing is a place that truly has top be visited to believed. Every-time I go it never ceases to amaze…!

Still smiling!

Pipeline Squamish climbing yesterday!

Pipeline Squamish climbing. What a day to get out and take photos of the infamous Pipeline in Squamish BC! A truly amazing line! Hard to believe it was soloed. – Altus Mountain Guides.

North East Ridge of Bugaboo Spire

Bugaboo Rock Climbing

What a week of climbing in the Bugaboos! Bugaboo rock climbing – Altus Mountain Guides