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Climbing Tip Of The Week: Top down belaying (multi-pitch climbing)

As the summer climbing season quickly approaches we want to start posting weekly climbing tip videos to help you make this the best season ever!!! Keep your eyes peeled as we have topics from intro to advanced. If there is a skill you want to see give us an email!


Spring skiing is on!!!

  We’ve been getting tons of fresh powder here on the Coast from the Duffey Lake to the Whistler backcountry.  The tree skiing is all time right now so come join us for a ride you will never forget!    

Squamish rock

Squamish rock climbing is on!

It’s been a great week for rock climbing in Sqaumish! Sunny skies and fresh temps have dried out single and multipitch climbs from Murrin to the Bluffs. Spring is in the air so come on down and get some!

#phalanx #whistlerbackcountry

Winter with Altus Mountain Guides.

Whistler ski touring guide, Ross Berg at work. – Altus Mountain Guides

aAngles Crest 5.10c 13 Pitches 5

Angles Crest 5.10c 13 Pitches – January 27th!!!!! yah-Rock Climbing Squamish.

While we wait for this next storm to come in tonight we took the oppertunity to head to Squamish for a route on the might Squamish Chief!! Pretty wild right now how dry the peak is. Normally only a few select route with the right sun and wind exposrue would be possible to climb during the winter month but with this prolonged dry spell and warm temps it has opened the door to to soo many others.

We climbed one of the more classic moderate long routes Angles Crest. 13 pitches of up to 5.10c climbing up alpine like ridges and faces.

Not bad for January 27th!

AST 2 Duffy Lake Road

AST 2 Course Whistler / Duffy Lake Road

Avalanche Training Course. AST 2 Course Whistler / Duffy Lake Road. Warming up in the sun at the top of the run “Honey Bronzed and Very Desirable” Duffy Lake area, this past weekend on our first AST 2 course of the season.

Squamish Buttress Rock Climbing

Squamish Buttress 5.9 – Its still summer!!!!

  Squamish buttress 5.9 Multi pitch climbing

Climbing the south ridge of Mount Tricouni - Whistler Alpine Climbing

Mount Tricouni – South Ridge, Whistler Alpine Climbing

What a fantastic day out on Mount Tricouni! Just a short drive from Whistler it makes a great hike and a fun day of Mountaineering. After the drive up the access road it is only about 30min to Tricouni Lake.

Mt Garbaldi Crevasse camping

Crevasse Camping – Mt Garibaldi

Last week got to go up onto Mt Garibaldi again but in a bit of a storm…..did snow good old Crevasse Camping!
Our clients Doug and Tom didn’t bail just because of a little poor weather. Gotta like the spirit! Only snow 40cm on us overnight. Was a joy getting up in the night twice to clean the snow off our collapsing tent… The crevasse was the best place to camp out of the howling wind.

Fun trip to be out in a real storm.