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Revelstoke Mountain Resort Backcountry

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Backcountry Skiing

Recently was contracted out by the Revelstoke Mountain Resort to guide a day of backcountry touring off the hill. It had been a few years since i explored the resort and i will admit what i had stuck in my head was that it with out question was no match to the Mighty Whistler. But after 2 excellent lattes and a couple croissants at the conveniently located coffee shop at the foot of the lifts i was starting to believe this might just be a more frequent destination for me.

Duffy Lake Area Skiing

Duffy Lake Area Skiing

Duffy Lake Area refers to a magical little area just NE of Pemberton BC. This is the high mountain pass offering a lifetime of backcountry ski options. There are 4 main areas and handful of others that are a little more “secret” Cerise Creek Here is the well know Keith hut and the highest peaks…

ski tour ad 5

Heli Assisted Ski Touring At CMH Adamants

Just finished up one amazing week Heli Assisted Ski Touring with CMH Adamants. With a jump from a helicopter into a new area every day and a lift back at home this is truly one of the best ways to spend a week skiing. We had fantastic conditions with almost of meter of new snow in the week and even a few blue bird days in the mix. Check it out! This is a trip to put on the list.

Birthday Chute - Vantage Shoulder

The Birthday Chute – Duffy Lake Road

Despite the prolonged dry spell on the Coast there still is good skiing to be found!! This week a good friend from Revelstoke came out for some backcountry snowboarding around Whistler. We took it up to the Duffy Lake Road, North of Pemberton. Was a bit of a roll of the dice to decide just…