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Ice Climbing in the Rainforest

Every so often the Ice Goblins visit the fjordlands of the Pacific Northwest and desperado ice climbers in Squamish get a little taste of the goodies.  The early weeks of the month graced us with an arctic outflow that served up a sweet four day window of ice climbing at the Pet Wall, Smoke Bluffs…

Climbers at left on the Giraffe, the Pan Am is the obvious system on the right

Mexican Big Wall Climbing With Honnold and Stanhope

Altus Guide Paul McSorley just returned from a great session down in the Mexican Big Wall mecca of El Gran Trono Blanco last week. The team consisted of ace photographer Andrew Burr and young rock masters Will Stanhope and Alex Honnold. Our crew managed three ascents of the highly featured granite monolith with Will and Alex freeing the Pan Am and El Giraffe routes at V 5.12+ and V 5.13 respectively.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Backcountry

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Backcountry Skiing

Recently was contracted out by the Revelstoke Mountain Resort to guide a day of backcountry touring off the hill. It had been a few years since i explored the resort and i will admit what i had stuck in my head was that it with out question was no match to the Mighty Whistler. But after 2 excellent lattes and a couple croissants at the conveniently located coffee shop at the foot of the lifts i was starting to believe this might just be a more frequent destination for me.

Duffy Lake Area Skiing

Duffy Lake Area refers to a magical little area just NE of Pemberton BC. This is the high mountain pass offering a lifetime of backcountry ski options. There are 4 main areas and handful of others that are a little more “secret” Cerise Creek Here is the well know Keith hut and the highest peaks…

ski tour ad 5

Heli Assisted Ski Touring At CMH Adamants

Just finished up one amazing week Heli Assisted Ski Touring with CMH Adamants. With a jump from a helicopter into a new area every day and a lift back at home this is truly one of the best ways to spend a week skiing. We had fantastic conditions with almost of meter of new snow in the week and even a few blue bird days in the mix. Check it out! This is a trip to put on the list.

Birthday Chute - Vantage Shoulder

The Birthday Chute – Duffy Lake Road

Despite the prolonged dry spell on the Coast there still is good skiing to be found!! This week a good friend from Revelstoke came out for some backcountry snowboarding around Whistler. We took it up to the Duffy Lake Road, North of Pemberton. Was a bit of a roll of the dice to decide just…