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Before You Leave the Car

Before You Leave the Car – Backcountry Tips Skins, Skis, Stoke There are aspects of trip planning that are equivocal to paying for insurance; you won’t recognize the benefits until shit hits the fan, and at that point you’ll be your own best friend. Last year, on a trip up the icefields parkway, my partner…

AST1+ | Next Steps

AST1+ | Next Steps Get it going. So you’ve taken your first steps into the backcountry. You’ve mastered your Avaluator decision-making, studied the bulletins, stocked up on maps, figured out the gear, brushed up on your snow science lingo…. And now what? While getting out there seems like the obvious answer, it isn’t always as…

Five Winter Camping Hacks

5 Winter Camping Hacks Get a hotel – Kidding. Winter camping certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to get after it into higher and wilder terrain, chances are you’ll be settling into a winter camp somewhere along your next line. While we can’t emphasize the importance of pre-trip planning and research enough (#knowbeforeyougo!)…


5 tips to get into backcountry ski touring

5 tips to get into backcountry ski touring Get out there. Training and Mentorship Start a conversation with someone that has the experience to get an idea if touring is in your realm of possibilities in the backcountry and get the scoop on the challenges that come with it.  Experienced friends can be helpful in…

Sky Pilot Climb - West Ridge

Sky Pilot Climb – West Ridge (May 26, 2019)

Sky Pilot Climb – West Ridge (May 26, 2019) May 26, 2019 Climbed the West Ridge of Sky Pilot today in great conditions. Trail The trail in is snow free to the end of the old FSR. Where the road ends and the single track weaves up the forest we chose to kick up the…

Squamish rock climbing experience

Top 5 Beginner Trad Climbs in Squamish

Top 5 Beginner Trad Climbs in Squamish Get it going. Are you just discovering traditional climbing? Is your idea of fun plugging in your own protection whilst ascending granite splitter perfection?  Do you dream of being able to do find classic trad climbs all within a short stroll from your car?  Well then we’ve put…

Day 1 - ski season

18/19 Ski Season Day 1

18/19 Ski Season – Day 1 November 16, 2018 With unusually dry and warm weather on the coast, ski season is a bit delayed. It took some driving and some walking, but we found winter hiding up high in the coast range…in a narrow band above 1700/1800m. Despite the slim snow depth, the skiing was…

How to backcountry ski

How to backcountry ski

Its no secret, the ski resorts are busy. The lift lines are long, the chairlift is cold and the fresh tracks don’t last as long as they used to. I will let you in on a secret, the ski resorts comprise of less than 0.01% percent of mountains to ski on, and that just around…

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Whistler Conditions Update – November

After last weeks social media bombardment, it won’t come as a surprise that the early season conditions in Whistler Blackcomb have been pretty spectacular. Deep turns and face shots have filled my Instagram feed and for once, none of it was exaggerated. It really has been that good! Moisture from the south combined with cold…