Mount Tricouni - North Ridge

5.4 alpine rock ridge.

The Mount Tricouni North Ridge is one of the quickest and best alpine rock routes the Coast Mountains offers.  This classic coastal mountaineering objective is a striking exposed rock ridge with difficulties up to 5.4, leading to an air summit overlooking both the Squamish and Whistler Valleys.  The trip starts with a 4x4 journey almost right into the alpine, followed by a 1 to 2-hour alpine meadow approach. Finally, across the north glacier sees us on the ridge proper—an absolute must-do for anyone seeking a 1-day alpine trip.

The Goods

Length: 1 day

Starting point: Squamish or Whistler BC.

Summit Elevation: 2075M (6807ft)

Season: June 1 - October 1

Style of Climbing: Steep snow and Rock


Meet in either Whistler or Squamish, depending on where you are staying.  We meet for a gear inspection before heading out to the trailhead on the west side of the 99 highway right between Squamish and Whistler BC.  We will then spend the whole day in the alpine climbing and return in the afternoon.  Typically we depart at 6 am and return around 4 pm.


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The Objective

Tricouni North Ridge is a great objective for any climber with some alpine or rock experience with 5.4 grading difficulties.  The day is anywhere from 8 - 12 hours long, so good fitness and the ability to move through hiking and scrambling terrain all day is imperative.

Elevation gain from trailhead: 750m

Climb steepness: 45 - 55 degrees

Rock difficulty: 5.4

Distance (one way): 4.1km


North Face of Mt. Garibaldi
Mount Tricouni North Ridge

Still Have Questions or Concerns?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or requests on how we can make this the best trip ever!

About Ross Berg

Ross has guided, climbed and skied in the European Alps for the last several seasons. When he's at home he can be found working as a heli ski guide in winters and climbing alpine rock routes in summer.