Mount Robson Kain Face

The Big One

Mt Robson Canada is one of the most beautiful and most sought-after peaks in the Canadian Rockies. From the parking lot of Mt Robson, the 12,972 feet of rock and snow towers above like no other mountain in Canada. Mt. Robson is one of Canada's more challenging summits; it sees at most a few summits per year. Like the great mountains of the world Mt. Robson makes its own weather and poses many challenges to even the most experienced mountaineer. With all these challenges, being in a park and in one of the most stunning places globally, it rivals even the Himalayan Mountains' great peaks. Mt Robson is a “must-do” proud summit and the king of the Canadian Rockies.


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The Goods

Length: 5 to 7 Days

Starting point: Valemount, BC.

Summit Elevation: 3950M (12972ft)

Season: July 1 - September 15

Max. Guest to Guide Ratio: 2:1

Style of Climbing: Steep snow and ice

Cost: Starting $650/day

Book a Custom Trip

5 day trip $3750

One climber

5 day trip $2125 / pp

Two climbers

7 day trip $5250

One climber

7 day trip $2975 / pp

Two climbers

Custom Date & Duration

Custom dates, duration, and itineraries avalable upon request


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Seven-day trip

Day 1: Meet at Mount Robson park and start mountain biking to Kinney Lake. Hike the rest of the way to Berg Lake Campground. Total 21km. 7km of Biking. Gain 820m / 2750 ft

Day 2: Hike 14km gain 1400m / 4500 ft

Day 3: Rest Day / Snow travel self-arrest crevasse rescue day / Summit day

Day 4: Summit Day

Day 5: Summit day option if poor weather

Day 6: Summit day / Hike out / Fly-out / Drive home

Day 7: Summit day /Fly-out / Drive home

Depending on weather will determine the Summit day. The option of extending and flying out is a possibility. Trip in can be shortened with a flight into the Dome or Robson Glacier.




Five Day Trip

Day 1: Meet at Mount Robson Park and Fly to 10,000 feet to set up base camp. After camp is set up, take a short hike to scope the route—snow and Ice travel refresher for glacier travel.

Day 2: Possible Summit day

Day 3: If poor weather is on the top of Mount Robson, climbing Mt. Resplendent is a plan B. Possible Summit day

Day 4: Summit Day

Day 5: Summit day and or Fly out.

The Objective

Start Elevation: 2747 ft / 830m

Summit: 12988ft / 3959m

Gain: 10500 ft / 3200m, with the bits of up and down.

Down: 10500 /3200m feet

Distance to Summit: 35km.


Mt. Robson
The Dome on Mt. Robson Kain Face Route

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