Advanced Mountaineering Course

Next Level Mountain Climbing Skills

Whether you're looking to summit the local volcanoes of Mount Garibaldi and Mount Baker, or the alpine rock splitters in the Bugaboos - all climbers need the skills to safely travel through these varied landscapes. This course offers the fundamental skills for any aspiring mountaineer.

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This course will cover:

Day 1 – Skills recap + rock short roping

Day 2 – Rock objective

Day 3 - Snow and ice skills

Day 4 - Alpine summit

The Goods

Length: 4 Days (2 nights camping)

Locations: Squamish + Whistler, BC.

Meeting Point: The Squamish Adventure Centre

Prerequisites: Previous mountain climbing or scrambling.

Highlight Skills: Technical alpine climbing, ice, snow, rock

Season: Scheduled Dates All Summer

Max. Guest to Guide Ratio: 4:1

Price: $1125

What You Will Learn

Our goal is to build on our popular intro to mountaineering course and dial in participants to tackle challenging mixed alpine routes. After the course, students typically look to tackle glaciated peaks, such as Mount Tantalus, Wedge, Joffre, Mount Victoria, Mount Fay

  • Understanding Mountain Hazards
  • Alpine ice climbing
  • Technical rock short roping/short pitching
  • Improvised alpine descents
  • Tactics to move fast and light

Day 1 - Rock Skills Review

  • Anchor building
  • Gear placements
  • Multi-pitch station management
  • Improvised rappel tactics
  • Rock short roping and pitching

Day 2 - Rock Objectives


  • Route planning
  • Terrain assessment
  • Alpine rock protection
  • Improvised descents

Day 3 - Alpine Objective 1/2


  • Student lead Ice and rock objective

Day 4 - Alpine Objective 2/2

  • Student lead Ice and rock objective

I contacted five companies about setting up a custom mountaineering trip and Altus immediately got back to me with all sorts of helpful, informative details. They were much easier and better to work with than all the other companies.

- Michele G

I felt safe and secure, and I learned a tonne. Great objective, great weather, great food, and great company - it doesn't get any better than this! Can't wait to get back out there with the Altus guides - don't leave home without 'em!

- Nigel B

Is This for You?

Our Advanced mountaineering course is geared toward climbers who have spent the past few years logging experience on the intro to intermedial mountaineering routes.  Climbers who are familiar with snow, basic ice climbing and multi-pitch rock climbing.  Ideally, this course would open up the opportunity and confidence to tackle routes such as Mount Tantalus, Wedge, Joffre, Mount Victoria, and Mount Fay

  • Previous Scrambling or Mountaineering Experience
  • Understanding of Basic Climbing Knots
  • Moderate Fitness (hike uphill for 6 hours)
  • Comfort in Rough and Undulating Terrain
  • Ability to lead multi-pitch rock routes

Scheduled Courses- 2021

 May 27 - 30 $1125 / person

All listed prices are in CAD and subject to 5% sales tax.

June 10 - 13 $1125 / person

June 24 - 27 $1125 / person

July 8 - 11 $1125 / person

July 22 - 25 $1125 / person

August 5 - 8 $1125 / person

August 19 - 22 $1125 / person

September 3 - 6 $1125 / person

September 18 - 21 $1125 / person

Custom Dates on Demand

All listed prices are in CAD and subject to 5% sales tax.

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About Ross Berg

Ross has guided, climbed and skied in the European Alps for the last several seasons. When he's at home he can be found working as a heli ski guide in winters and climbing alpine rock routes in summer.