ACMG Ski Guide CSGA Level 2 Lead Guide Canadian Avalanche Association - Active Member Advanced Wilderness First Aid (80h) 2- Time Olympic Snowboarder

Justin Lamoureux

ACMG Snowboard Guide

Justin has spent over 25 years strapped to a snowboard and loves it more and more every winter.  2 Winter Olympics and a Canadian Olympic Record for this guy’s halfpipe performance (7th in 2010) along with finals in major slopestyle and big air events, a few years racking in top boardercross results and first descents in Alaska and around the world, Justin has literally seen it all.

Now the majority of Justin’s riding time is spent filming on his split board (check out The Backyard Project) and working towards becoming a full Backcountry Guide. Equipped with a mechanical engineering degree, Justin has a deep understanding of the mechanics of avalanches.  Always enthusiastic for a day of riding and guiding, Justin is a blast to ride with and is always ready with a useful tip to help you develop your riding skills. @justin_lamoureux

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