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Guides fee, Lift Tickets up and down the Gondola.


Mountain bike, food


May 15th - October 15th


(Custom dates, duration, included services and prices are available) 1 DAY TRIP $595 per person 1:1 (guide : guest) $350 per person 1:2 (guide : guest)


Mt Habrich is a fantastic alpine Granite rock route right in the backyard of Squamish and Vancouver. Mt. Habrich is reached buy using the new Sea to Sky Gondola. Mt. Habrich is an excellent location with amazing views and bigger mountains than expected. With the Gondola to take away the elevation to get into the Alpine it makes for an excellent day.


Mt Habrich is for the rock climber that wants to get out and climb in the Alpine. A great training ground for bigger mountains like the Bugaboos. Not to be underestimated, for it is still a lot of vertical to get to the summit. A long summit day can be up to 13 hours from the top of the gondola and back. Trip Report Blog  

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Meet at the Base Camp Cafe at the base of the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish at 8am. From there we will take the Gondola up and hike out into the backcountry after a final gear check. Hike and or bike for 4 kilometres to the start of the Harbrick climbing trail. From there we will ascend up to the start of Mt. Habrich for another 800 meters of distance, gaining 1500 feet or 450 meters. Climbing, on rock, leads to some of the best views the Sea to Sky Corridor has to offer from the summit of Mt Habrick. Life on Earth: 5.10c, D+, 6 pitches - time: 5-8 hours to get up the route and back to the base of where the rock climbing starts. This is an excellent rock climb in the alpine just a short distance from Squamish and Vancouver. Solar System: 5.10a, D, 6 Pitches - time: 5-8 hours to get up the route and back to the base of where the rock climbing starts. Escape Velocity - West Ridge of Habrich: Is the easiest way up the mountain. This route is mostly scrambling with a few spots of 5th class climbing. See a trip up the mountain here: BLOG Topo: West Ridge of Habrich photo and description 


Hike to the base of Mt Habrich in about 2.5 hours. The rock climbing section usually takles about 5-8 hours up and down. Climb it round trip in a maximum of 12 hours. The 12 hour day trip can only be done on Friday and Saturday. If you are fit a one day summit attempt can be made, on weekdays and Sunday. Only 9 hours are available for a one day summit trip up Mt Habrich because the gondola is only open from 9am till 6pm. Sea to Sky Gondola Hours.


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Mt. Habrich


Please contact Altus Mountain Guides for any questions or expert advice on the best equipment to have.  Let us know what you need on the list before you purchase any gear.  We can lend you gear free of charge or can advise you on the best gear to purchase.  Personal Gear:  Communal and Technical equipment:  

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