Meet our guides! At Altus, we are proud to hire experienced and professionally certified mountain, rock, ski and split-board guides. One such guide is Christine Feleki who happens to be the first certified female splitboard guide in Canada! Christine has worked her butt off to become an accomplished splitboard athlete, getting out on big missions and constantly seeking to push the sport.

1. Hi Christine, where are you from?
Originally I am from Canmore, Alberta, but I have lived in the Sea to Sky for about 15 years and now call it home.

2.What made you want to become a guide?
I always knew I wouldn’t have a desk job, but I think the seeds were planted when I was in my high school's outdoor ed program. That’s where I really began to learn about backcountry and mountaineering. From there, I was a ski bum for many years and then read that Scott Newsome had passed his ski guide exam on his split board, and I knew I wanted to do that too.

3. How long have you been a guide for?
I began guiding in 2012 as a hiking guide and in the winters as a tail guide.

4. What is your favourite outdoor activity?
Snowboarding, though surfing is starting to become a close second. However, I am happy doing almost anything as long as it's in the mountains.

5. What can we find in y our pack for lunch?
Leftovers, I have never really been a sandwich person. 

6. Where is your ideal place/location?
Favourites are a funny thing, they seem to change often, but I really love a pillow line on a pow day.

7. Favourite thing to cook in the backcountry?
Lately, I have been enjoying making dehydrated meals at home, curries, miso noodle soups and pad thai.

8. Why did you choose to live in Squamish?

It seemed like a nice option, you still can get to the skiing, but the summers are awesome in Squamish.

9. What goal/project do you plan on accomplishing in the next 5 years?

Being able to surf and snowboard throughout the year. Hopefully, having a place on the island to call home, but still working on the mainland for the winters.

10. 10 years?

Maybe become a mountain guide, but I am not one to plan that far ahead.

11. What can we find you doing in your spare time?

Something outside, walking my dog, dinners with friends, or still trying to learn more than one song on my guitar.

12. And last but not least! What is your favourite book?

East of Eden by John Steinbeck, and maybe the King Killer Chronicles if Patrick Rothfuss would ever finish the series ;)