Bugaboo Rock Climbing

Who for

Fit climbers with multi-pitch rock experience. Or total beginner climbers that want to visit a truly amazing place.

What’s Included

Guides fee, group equipment, breakfast, lunch and dinner, hut or camping fees

What’s not included

Personal climbing gear (shoes, harness, helmet), travel to Golden, BC


July through mid September


(Contact us for custom dates, duration and included costs)

Let us know if you have your own transportation and want to provide your own food. We can arrange a lower cost depending on your needs.

7 day

$4000 per person 1:1 (guide : guest)

$2800 per person 1:2

5 day

$3000 per person 1:1 (guide : guest)

$1900 per person 1:2


If have a peak or a trip in mind, we can accommodate you. Anything anytime! Contact us to discuss more options for rock climbing in the Bugaboos.


We are Bugaboo rock climbing guides. The Bugaboos is home to some of North America’s most amazing alpine rock: Bugaboo, Snowpatch, Pigeon and the Howser Towers, this place must be experienced to really be appreciated! From the Beckey-Chouinard (V 5.10) to the West ridge of Pigeon (II 5.4), there is something here for everyone! A three hour hike brings you to the commodious Conrad Kain hut, which provides the base for a week-long binge of Alpine rock climbing. Or continue 30 minuets more to the Applebee Campground. Altus Mountain Guides are Bugaboo climbers first and then guides of the mountains they have learned to love. Having an experienced guide in the Bugaboos will make the time you spend as successful and enjoyable as possible. Over the years it is not uncommon to see lost climbers in the towers. Let our guides show you the way to the best and safest places to climb in the mighty Bugaboo range. Bugaboo Rock Climbing is like nothing else in the world!


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This can be tailored to meet your needs. Typically:

Day 1: Meet in Golden BC and travel to the final trail head. A three hour hike leads up to the hut or another hour to Applebee Campground.

Day 2 through 6:  Climb amongst the spires. Your guide will select a route on a mountain or a climb that is suitable for you or your group’s ability and current condition of the towers.  Preference will be given to groups requested mountain or route.

Day 7: Pack out and lunch in Golden, BC.


If you have a peak or a trip in mind, we can accommodate you. Anything anytime! Contact us to discuss more options for rock climbing in the Bugaboos.

The Bugaboos Guide

Can buy it here.

bugaboo climbing guidebook


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** To Book This Trip Please Click Here **


Please contact Altus Mountain Guides for any questions or expert advice on the best equipment to have.  Let us know what you need on the list before you purchase any gear.  We can lend you gear free of charge or can advise you on the best gear to purchase. 

Personal Gear:

  • Rock climbing shoe (Comfortable enough that can be worn for a day of climbing) – Not an aggressive sport climbing shoe
  • Sleeping bag – good to approx. -5 or -10 degrees Celsius
  • Sleeping pad – therma-rest style (If not staying at the hut)
  • Backpack – 40-110 liters capacity, big enough to hold all gear for the trip plus some extra communal gear
  • Summit-pack – 15-40 liters capacity (Optional – your approach backpack can also work as a Summit pack)
  • Outer layer jacket – preferred with hood – Gore-Tex style
  • Light weight outer layer waterproof pants – Gore-Tex style
  • Lightweight thermal layers – top & bottom under where, Polypro, Icebreaker, etc.
  • Climbing/hiking pants – nylon, Schoeller, etc. (1 pair)
  • Gloves (medium weight) – wool or poly-pro (2 pair)
  • Waterproof gloves or mitts (gloves work best for rope handling and ice axe use) (2 pairs)
  • Warm parka/jacket – down, synthetic, fleece or pile (1)
  • Sweater or vest – wool, synthetic, fleece or down (1)
  • Socks – wool or synthetic blend (2-3 pairs)
  • Toque/warm hat – wool or fleece (1)
  • Sunglasses –  UV block  with good eye coverage (1pr)
  • Ski goggles
  • Headlamp with new batteries
  • Personal 1st aid (blister kit, toothbrush, blister kit, toilet paper, medications, etc.)
  • Misc. personal items (camera, journal, etc.)
  • Sunscreen – minimum spf45
  • Water bottles/hydration system – minimum 1 liters x2
  • Walking pole(s) – Optional but helpful for the approach/descent to and from hut or camp site
  • Gaiters (1 pair) – Optional if built in paint gaiters or boot gaiters
  • Running shoe / Approach shoe – Optional for use in hut, hike in or non glacier days

Communal and Technical equipment:

(Supplied by AMG if required):

  • Rope (60 meter single rope 9.8mm max diameter)
  • Climbing Rack
  • Climbing harness – seat harness only
  • Helmet
  • 3 locking carabineers
  • 1 belay device
  • 5 meters of 6 or 7mm cordage rope
  • 1.5 meters of 6 or 7mm cordage rope
  • Crampons – adjusted to your boots (1 pair)
  • Ice Ax (General mountaineering axe / strait shaft around 60cm max)
  • Small “thermos” for hot drinks (optional)
  • Knife – Swiss army style
  • Personal eating utensils – cup, bowl, spoon (Only if not at Hut)
  • Light weight 2 or 3 person tent  (Only if not at Hut)
  • Single burner stove and fuel (Only if not at Hut)
  • Cooking sets (2 pots per 3 people) (Only if not at Hut)
  • Compass and map
  • GPS
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tape / Repair kit


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About Ross Berg

Ross has guided, climbed and skied in the European Alps for the last several seasons. When he's at home he can be found working as a heli ski guide in winters and climbing alpine rock routes in summer.