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50 Classic Squamish Climbs

Squamish Rock Climbing is world class! These are just some of the best routes Squamish has to offer. (trad) = Traditional rock climbing where gear placements are required.
  1. Angel’s Crest (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10b - photos and description.
  2. Black DykeSquamish, Canada5.13b
  3. Eurasian EyesSquamish, Canada5.13b
  4. Local Boys Do Good Squamish, Canada 5.10d
  5. The Opal (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.13a
  6. Brothers in Arms (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.12c
  7. Frayed Ends of Sanity (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.12c
  8. Midnight Run (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.12b
  9. The Left Side (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.12a
  10. The Northern Lights (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.12a
  11. University Wall (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.12a
  12. Polaris (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.12a
  13. The Daily Planet (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.12a
  14. The Roman Chimneys (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11d
  15. Cerberus (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11d
  16. Freeway (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11d
  17. Tantalus Wall (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11c
  18. High Plains Drifter (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11c
  19. The White Feather (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11c
  20. The Gauntlet (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11c
  21. Magic Carpet Ride (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11c
  22. Straight Outta Squampton (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11c
  23. Hungry Wolf (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11b
  24. Millenium Falcon (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11b
  25. Unfinished Symphony (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11b
  26. Rutabaga (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.11a
  27. The Grand Wall (trad)Squamish, Canada  5.11a
  28. The Great Game (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10d
  29. Milk Run (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10d
  30. Pipeline (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10d
  31. Cruel Shoes (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10d
  32. Borderline (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10d
  33. Liquid Gold (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10d
  34. Peasant’s Route (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10c
  35. Squamish Buttress (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10c
  36. Exasperator (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10c
  37. Centrefold (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10b
  38. Apron Strings (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10b
  39. Birds of Prey (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10b
  40. Blazing Saddles (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10b
  41. The Ultimate Everything (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10b
  42. Seasoned in the Sun (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10a
  43. Hairpin (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10a
  44. Over the Rainbow (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.10a
  45. A Cream of White Mice (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.9
  46. St. Vitus’ Dance (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.9
  47. Snake (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.9
  48. Diedre (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.8
  49. Calculus Crack (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.8
  50. Banana Peel (trad)Squamish, Canada 5.7

50 Classic Squamish Climbs - 50 Climbs

Squamish Climbing. Fifty multipitch routes found on the Squamish Chief. An excellent poster of these climbs can be found at http://50classicsquamishclimbs.com Let Altus Mountain Guides local Squamish rock climbing guides show you and your friends the best areas and places to rock climb in Squamish. Sample the goods and follow our guides for a day to some of the many great single pitch rock climbing areas. No matter your ability, beginner or expert, routes vary from 5.4 to 5.14+.  If all you want is a top rope set up so you can climb all day, we know the best places to rock climb in Squamish. Or if you are interested in learning to rock climb on your own, with the help of an experience ACMG guide. Look under our Learn / Rock Climbing section for more details.  We have a vast array of climbing courses. We also offer privet and custom climbing instruction. [/tab] [tab name="Photos"] (Under construction) Return soon for more photos! [gallery columns="2" ids="3895,3893,3892,3894,3891"] [/tab] [tab name="Itinerary"] ITINERARY Be prepared for a full day out. Time will depend on your schedule. We can custom build you a privet rock climbing tour to meet your needs and time schedule. Contact Altus Mountain Guides for more information and available dates.
Rock climbing above the Howe Sound next to Squamish
Rock climbing above the Howe Sound next to Squamish
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