Last week in the Whistler area was all time!!  One of the best weeks of skiing i personally have ever had!  Great snow, good stability, perfect weather (except the few times we got stuck in a cloud on a summit...)  It cant really get much better. After a couple day ski touring some of the bigger peaks on the Duffy Lake road we opted for a heli bump up to the shoulder of Mount Curry to ski the "Pencil Couloir".  Europe has gondolas and we have helicopters.  Definitely a very civilized way of skiing some wild terrain. Day went like this: 8:00 - Coffee/Breakfast at Lift Coffee Co in Whistler 8:25 - Arrive at heli pad in Pemberton 8:30 - Lift off of heli pad 8:35 - 2200m shoulder of Mount Curry 8:50 - Ski 300m alpine run 9:00 - Start boot pack to summit of Curry 9:30 -Drop in on North Face 11:30 - Arrive at Car 12:30 -Lunch / Beers in Whistler   A little video of snowboarding the upper part of the run.