Duffy Lake Area refers to a magical little area just NE of Pemberton BC. This is the high mountain pass offering a lifetime of backcountry ski options.

There are 4 main areas and handful of others that are a little more "secret"

Cerise Creek

Here is the well know Keith hut and the highest peaks in the area. Most trips are either day trips to the closer peaks such as Vantage ridge, Chief Pascal or Anniversary Glacier. Or overnight trips staying at the Keiths hut and skiing a few objectives.

Keiths Huts is quite basic but in a great spot, read more.

Vantage Peak

Matier - West face

Matier- Anniversary glacier


Joffre Lakes

This is the first ski area you get to on the road with some epic lines!  Most skiers hit the Heartstring lines but that is a lot of other lines which don't see much traffic at all.  No, I'm not going to say what those are!

Mount Taylor (Heart Strings)
You can't miss this peak, it's staring at you the whole walk up the lake. A huge line, that is only good when conditions are right.


Marriott basin/Rohr