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The Sport Climbing progression online clinic is targeted towards beginner to intermediate sport climbers. The main focus of this clinic will be to provide the best tips and tricks to enhance your ability to excel whilst clipping bolts, projecting, training, and recovering.


Instructor - Alannah Yip

Alannah won her first National Climbing Championship at the tender age of 12. Today she’s Canada’s top “Overall” climber and part of the historic first wave of Olympic hopefuls who are evolving the sport of competition climbing. Alannah grew up in Vancouver and spent her childhood in the mountains. Her local gym was home to Canada’s top competitors and coaches, and as a young climber, Alannah drew inspiration from the warm camaraderie and support.

LEVEL: 2/5


Previous indoor or outdoor sport leading experience.


This clinic is designed for anyone who is new to sport leading or an experienced leader looking for new tactics to push into harder grades.


  • How to master the “mental game” from fear to pushing past your limits  
  • Learn the best way to project a climb 
  • Tips on training for a specific goal
  • Learn how to let your body recover so you get the most out of your training


The clinic is $45, runs approximately 45min, and covers a full day’s course worth of content, all in an easy to comprehend format. Once a course has been purchased, the content will be accessible to the purchaser for 90 days from purchase date.


Chapter 1 - Leading :The Mental Battle

  • Managing the fear of falling and/or failing
  • Lead strategies
  • Pre climb mental exercises 

Chapter 2 - Projecting: the are of patience

  • Strategies for climbing at your limit 
  • Route beta refinement 
  • How to work crux sequences 
  • When to fall, and when to “take” 

Chapter 3 - Training: the are of progression

  • Tips on training for sport climbing progression
  • The importance of opposition training 
  • How to train specifically for a crux sequence

Chapter 4 - Recovering: the art of diligence  

  • How to let our bodies recover
  • Tips and tricks for nutrition 
  • When to rest and how you should rest 

Chapter 5 - Wrap Up

  • Recap-Of The course
  • Final Quiz
  • Resources