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Refine your backpacking and overnight camping skills with our Backpacking course. Learn how to plan, and execute a day out on the trails, as well as how to set up a safe, efficient, backcountry camp.


Instructor - Christine Feleki

Studying photojournalism seemed like a good plan for the Rockies-raised snowboarder, until she realized that her crushing shyness wasn’t well-suited to a profession that demands you to walk up to complete strangers and ask to document their lives. After transitioning back to guiding (her original dream) and becoming the first female snowboarder to hold an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides qualification, Christine outgrew her shyness and found her place in the mountains, even though that meant enduring an endless stream of “helpful” advice suggesting she ditch the splitboard and just ski.

LEVEL: 1/5


None required.


This course is for anyone who is looking to take their self propelled backcountry exploration to the next level. This is a great start for anyone looking for adventure!


  • Trail Etiquette
  • Hiking tips and tricks
  • Backcountry Camping
  • Basic Navigation  
  • Trip Planning


The clinic is $45, runs approximately 45min, and covers a full day’s course worth of content, all in an easy to comprehend format. Once a course has been purchased, the content will be accessible to the purchaser for 90 days from purchase date.


Chapter 1 - Camp Craft

  • How to set up your campsite, kitchen, sleeping, hygiene  
  • Learn how to responsibly camp in a wilderness setting
  • How to store food 
  • Where to gather water

Chapter 2 - Trip Planning

  • Basic navigation skills, reading trail maps, elevation gain and loss, compass literacy 
  • Your smartphone and navigation 
  • Learn how to judge distance and estimate travel times
  • Understanding of how to plan for weather and conditions

Chapter 3 - Gear

  • Learn all the essential gear required
  • Tips and recommendations of specific gear
  • Fitment tips and tricks

Chapter 4 - Trial Etiquette

  • Learn how to utilize the leave no trace principles 
  • Understand the unwritten code of hiking trails 
  • Have the knowledge to venture into sensitive areas in a responsible manner

Chapter 5 - Wrap Up

  • Recap-Of The course
  • Final Quiz
  • Resources