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The Crack Climbing course is an intermediate level course covering all crack sizes, from fingertips to off-width. We will also cover intermediate to advanced lead strategies, as well as tips from Will’s climbing career.


Instructor - Will Stanhope

Will might have started his career as a youngster, but he's always had an old soul. Thoughtful and inquisitive, Will is a climbing history buff whose admiration for the chronicles of routes and their founders is made clear in his own authentic process. The virtuoso crack climber is known for freeing the hardest route in the Bugaboos, the Tom Egan Memorial Route, although, freeing the three west faces of the Howser Towers in just a day might be one of his finest firsts. When Will isn’t stunting in movies or sending aesthetically pleasing and ridiculously hard cracks, he can be found guiding as an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides certified rock guide or serenading stray dogs with Bob Dylan songs

LEVEL: 3/5


Previous indoor or outdoor rock climbing.  No previous crack climbing experience or leading is necessary.


This course is geared towards anyone who is new to outdoor crack climbing or experienced climbers looking to challenge themselves on new crack sizes. 


This 4 part course will leave students with the skills to confidently tackle cracks of all sizes.  From tips cracks to those harrowing, thuggish offwidths. 


The clinic is $45, runs approximately 45min, and covers a full day’s course worth of content, all in an easy to comprehend format. Once a course has been purchased, the content will be accessible to the purchaser for 90 days from purchase date.


Chapter 1 - How to Jam - Fingertips to the Wide

  • How to jam all sizes of cracks
  • Foot techniques for all crack sizes

Chapter 2 - Trad Lead Strategies

  • How to plan your ascent from the ground 
  • How to place gear that does not interfere with your ascent 
  • Best practices for protecting the crux
  • Learn when to utilize Strategic runouts 
  • How to fall
  • How to retreat or aid through difficult sections

Chapter 3 - What I've Learned Being a Professional Climber

  • Anecdotal teaching from Will’s past ascents

Chapter 4 - Wrap Up

  • Recap-Of The course
  • Final Quiz
  • Resources