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Our backcountry cooking course is designed to provide tips and tricks even the most experienced backpacking and camping users will love.  No matter the nature of your next adventure you are guaranteed to glean a surplus of knowledge from one of our most experienced instructors.


Paul’s drive for climbing comes from the unknown of each new route and the comradery of the friends that join him. Spirited and gregarious, Paul has had many first ascents, including The Canadian Route on Fitzroy, Beluga Spire's Harpoon and the Southwest Buttress on the NW Summit of Mt. Waddington. Yet, Paul is just as happy to peel off some lichen from a granite face to reveal a new climb in his own backyard of Squamish. A guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, a high ropes rigger and a multi-talented mountain sports polymath, Paul would always rather have no information and go through the rousing journey of discovery.

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Anyone looking to up their backcountry cooking game. This course is perfect for beginners and experienced backcountry users alike.


The essential kit in order to make the best meals, without sacrificing weight or quality. Both in the alpine or at your basecamp.

  • Backcountry cooking Basics 
  • 4 complete recipes for the ultimate backcountry smorgasbord 
  • How to make backcountry cocktails
  • The art of managing quality ingredients vs. weight


The clinic is $45, runs approximately 45min, and covers a full day’s course worth of content, all in an easy to comprehend format. Once a course has been purchased, the content will be accessible to the purchaser for 90 days from purchase date.

Chapter 1 - Packing and Kit 

  • Learn the best practices for packing and what to bring 
  • Tips on packing light but eating well 
  • Meal options and advice for longer expeditions

Chapter 2 - Meal Ration, Ideas

  • Focusing on making your food last on longer journeys
  • Delicious backcountry recipes

Chapter 3 - Base camp style

  • Cooking for larger groups 
  • Collective cooking and packing logistics 
  • Efficient cooking systems
  • Getting the most out of your stove setups 

Chapter 4 - Alpine style 

  • Cooking in more sensitive alpine environment 
  • How to benefit from freeze-dried/fresh components 
  • Managing meals when water is hard to find 
  • Eating and hydration

Chapter 5 - Wrap Up

  • Recap-Of The course
  • Final Quiz
  • Resources