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Our alpine running course is designed to instruct runners of all types and propel them into the world of alpine running.  We will cover topics such as, scrambling, running on snow, downclimbing and training.


Instructor - Eric Carter

Eric is not only obsessed with moving quickly in the mountains, but also with the 'how'. Aerobic alpinism is his jam, and he's not afraid to show it. Originally from Minnesota, Eric got his taste for heart-pumping in the cold during his early days as a competitive XC ski racer. He fell hard for the mountains when he moved to British Columbia in 2009, and the rest is history: Eric has been a consistently top-ranked member of the US National Ski Mountaineering Team since 2014.

LEVEL: 2/5


Moderate fitness moving fast and light in the mountains, running and fastpacking.   


This course is designed for runners that are ready to push their fitness and running into the alpine terrain.  


  • The basics of scrambling 
  • Tips for managing alpine hazards
  • Learn how to best train and achieve your goals
  • Discover what foods will provide you with the best energy - weight ratio


The clinic is $45, runs approximately 45min, and covers a full day’s course worth of content, all in an easy to comprehend format. Once a course has been purchased, the content will be accessible to the purchaser for 90 days from purchase date.


Chapter 1 - Uphill downhill, scramble techniques 

  • Go slow to go fast 
  • Downhill techniques and downclimbing strategies 
  • Hill techniques
  • Scrambling tactics and safety 
  • Running on snow and glaciers 
  • Boot skiing tips and tricks

Chapter 2 - Hazards and prep

  • How to plan for weather while packing light 
  • Managing terrain hazards
  • Trip planning and in the field navigation tips 
  • Gear and packing for running

Chapter 3 - Training/Goals

  • Elite level training tips and advice 
  • Realizing and achieve your goals
  • How to develop a training plan

Chapter 4 - Wrap Up

  • Recap-Of The course
  • Final Quiz
  • Resources