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– “Climb the Chief as a beginner!” Reviewed June 25, 2013 (Squamish Multi-Pitch Climbing)

“Crosby, one of the guides at Altus, has taken me up the Squamish Chief twice now. I’m an inexperienced rock climber. Crosby spent some time with me on basics at a rock wall before doing the “real deal” on granite for the first time. Safety was his primary focus. Crosby helped me gain confidence quickly and got me up the Chief on the “Buttress” route for my very first rock climbing experience. What a great teacher! I came back the next season to climb a different route, with about 12 pitches total. Now if feel really comfortable climbing and want to learn even more. I highly recommend Altus if you are a beginner and want to gain experience rapidly like I did.”  Eric McRory

“Very unique safe experience”  Reviewed June 26, 2013  (Tantalus Mountaineering)

“I am 58 year old boomer who has always wanted to do some mountaineering but frankly thought it was too difficult or risky. I was wrong on both counts. I had an incredible 2 day experience with Crosby guiding throughout.
I am an active alpine skier and ride a road and mountain bike regularly but by no means exceptionally fit.
We started from Squamish (cool little mountain town on the way to whistler) and took a helicopter to the glacier.incredible ride. Altus has access to a cool cabin right on the glacier with fantastic mountain and ocean views and all the comforts of home.
What followed was 2 full days of mountain summits,rock scrambling ,glacier crossings and technical rock face climbing. I had never done any of this before and frankly was a scared at times but once I understood the care Crosby was taking to assure my safety fear became exhilaration.
Learned a ton of techniques and strategies and even though I have lived in bc for decades had an alpine and life experience next to none.
The evenings involved good food and wine, lots of laughs listening to the guides stories and a very comfortable bed.
This is an experience I would recommend to anyone of moderate to good fitness looking for a true British Columbia alpine experience. Perfectly appropriate as well for adventurous families with kids over 10.”  Frank Q

– “We made it!” Reviewed July 3, 2013   (Guided Rock Climbing ) 

We spent two fabulous days on the wall with Crosby. We had zero multi pitch experience prior, but we were comfortable with single pitch and really, really wanted to get on the Chief. Crosby was very patient and taught us everything on our first day together, and we tackled the Chief on the second day. It was AMAZING! Thank you so very much!!

– “Best guided experiences”  Reviewed June 29, 2013

Being from The Netherlands I had no experience whatsoever with mountains, other than hiking on safe trails with clear signs as a child and some snowboarding while never leaving the groomed runs as a young adult, all in the European Alps.

After gaining rock climbing experience through another company and personal experience, Altus Mountain Guides has guided me up places like the classic rock climb Angel’s Crest (Squamish, BC), classic ice climbs at Columbia Icefield Parkway, and to the summits of mountains like Marmolata (Bugaboo Park, BC), Mt Victoria (Lake Louise, AB) and the Matterhorn (Switzerland). For all trips safety is immediately followed by fun as top priorities, and both priorities are achieved by taking my skill level and room for growth into consideration. They are very hands-on and have tips at all times to increase the experience. At all times the guides are calm and relaxed, even if they take me to places along the way that are exciting for me. After all, it does’t take much to get higher than the highest place in The Netherlands…

I am excited about my next adventures with Altus Mountain Guides, and would recommend these guys to anyone looking for an outdoor mountain adventure. You cannot go wrong – whether it is learning how to climb or setting up a custom adventure, they are super flexible and customer oriented!

– “If you want an adventure – this is it!”  Reviewed July 9, 2013 (Tantalus Mountaineering)

We spent 4 days in the Tantalus Range near Squamish BC with Crosby and Paul in what was probably the most memorable vacation of my life. We had pretty much no mountaineering or climbing experience, but we like to backpack and thought it would be a fun way to explore BC and learn some new skills. We weren’t disappointed. The guides are super knowledgeable and customized our objectives each day to based on what we wanted to do. Before the trip I was a bit nervous that it would be all way over my head, but immediately you can tell safety is the priority. The guides are super patient and upbeat, helping you learn the new equipment and practice so that you feel really comfortable and safe. We learned the basics safe glacier travel and route finding, rappelling, ropes and knots, different types of snow and ice anchors, and crevasse rescue. This was key, because the daily summit objectives were really exciting and unlike anything I’d ever experienced before – absolutely incredible. It was a perfect balance of personal challenge and outdoor fun. We stayed the nights in a hut, which was a welcomed creature comfort after a long day outdoors. The food was top notch.

I’d highly recommend Altus to anyone regardless of experience level, the guides truly have something for everyone. I definitely want to do this again.

– “Garibaldi via Brohm Ridge” Reviewed July 3, 2013  (Mt. Garibaldi)

Outstanding trip! I used to climb quite a bit in my university days, but haven’t done much for the last 20 years, as the rest of life was a priority. Due to a wacky schedule, most of my recent mountain adventures have been solo hikes and scrambles, and risk-avoidance has been the rule. I’d finally had enough of lying awake at night, alone in a bivy, thinking about all the bad things that could happen tomorrow. Enter Altus! After a couple of easier routes up the Chief with Crosby, we took advantage of the great fall weather to do Garibaldi – it was fantastic! I felt safe and secure, and I learned a ton. Great objective, great weather, great food, and great company – it doesn’t get any better than this! Can’t wait to get back out there with Crosby and Altus – don’t leave home without ’em!

– “Mountain skills for life!” Reviewed August 21, 2013 (30 Day Alpine Rock Course)

After finishing a fabulous month-long mountaineering course with Altus, I can highly recommend them for their excellence in safety, professionalism, and commitment to their clients. Having followed my husband on moderate alpine climbs, I wanted to develop my own skills to safely pursue intermediate alpine objectives. I found that most other courses were aimed at an introductory level or had high student to guide ratios. In contrast, the Altus guides put an impressive effort into customizing the course to suit my abilities and interests and had a student to guide ratio of at most 2:1. Over the 30 days, I worked with five guides, all of whom were extremely competent, patient and fun to work with. The course took me from the stunning glaciers of the Tantalus range where I learned about glacier travel and snow anchors to world-class cracks in Squamish where I honed my climbing skills. From there I learned about Alpine climbing systems by summiting Uto, Tupper, and Sir Donald in Rogers Pass. The grand finale was a spectacular week of climbs in the Bugaboos and Rockies. The course also covered rock and glacier rescue, knots and anchor building, lead climbing, and route finding. By the end of the course I went from having no experience lead climbing to feeling comfortable and efficient leading multi-pitch 5.9 on gear. This course was packed with good times, fabulous climbs, and skill-building that will enable me to have a lifetime of adventures in the mountains. If you are looking to give your climbing skills a serious boost, then this course is one of the most time- and cost-effective ways to do it. I extend a deep thanks to my mentors at Altus and am sure that others can benefit from their climbing and teaching skills!


“…Trip of a Lifetime!”  Reviewed July 8 2013 (Tantalus Alpine 3 day)

I recently went on a 3 day mountaineering trip with Altus. The best way to describe the trip was a 15 out of 10. I had certain expectations which were all met and then there was about 50% more on top of that beyond my expectations. The trip was very well organized with awesome helicopter rides to and from the hut. The hut was very comfortable with breathtaking views. I was like landing on another planet. For dinner the first night we had steaks. Who would expect steaks while mountaineering. My fellow customer was vegetarian and she was also accommodate for.

Ross is a rock spider. I was simply blown away how he could climb so effortlessly up the mountain to set the ropes for us mere mortals to climb up. I learned a lot from Ross and he was very inspiring. He is a young guy (early 20’s) but has the experience I would expect from a 40 something climber. His stories about guiding and climbing in Europe and around the world were amazing. According to Ross my climbing ability went from a 2 to a 6 in the three days I was with him. Of course he is a 15 but I was happy to have improved.

There were two of us in the group with Ross. They were both in better shape than me (and a lot younger) but encouraged me to continue on and never complained when I needed a quick breather. I can honestly say I would not have been able to climb the mountains without them.

We climbed two peaks – Serratus and Dione. Reaching the top was an incredible experience with unbelievable views. You literally feel like being on top of the world. To get there we had to use crampons and ice axes, we had to rock climb rock cliffs and had to completely trust Ross. He never let us down and always picked the best route.

There was another group from Altus who stayed in the hut while we were there. It was a bigger group with 2 guides and 8 people. Everyone was very friendly and I felt right at home. The group was diverse from doctors to photographers and I enjoyed the conversations at night over a hot cup of tea.

The only mishap on the trip was the door handle on the hut came loose. We had to remove the handle so we could get in and out of the hut. I hope that hut maintenance will fix this. I tried but did not have enough tools.

Thanks to everyone at Altus. It was a trip of a lifetime.