Split board Skills Camp


Take the leap from the hill and into the backcountry!  This is the course for you to learn the skills to effectively and safely split board in the backcountry.
Based out of Whistler BC this course is taught by 2 time Olympian, pro big mountain rider and ACMG split board guide Justin Lamoureux.
Justin has nearly 20 years of backcountry experience and recently tried to ride and film all 30 mountains he can see from his house in Squamish in a single season for “The Backyard Project” web series. With certification from the ACMG and CSGA, Justin is the most certified split boarding guide in the Whistler area.


  • Use of backcountry rescue gear: transceiver, probe shovel
  • Efficient use and change over of your Splitboard, skins, and poles
  • Uphill track setting
  • Mountain hazards
  • Line selection
  • Avalanche assessment
  • General riding tips/coaching


Experienced snowboards who are new to backcountry riding. This course is aimed to riders who have limited or no backcountry experience and to show them the skills to effectively use a split board to travel in the backcountry, avalanche safety, mountain hazard recognition.  In summary, we want you to be able to go backcountry riding on your own and ride real lines.

*AST 1 Add-on
For those looking to accomplish the AST 1 certification, we offer an evening session add on to this course. Where we will cover classroom education.  Field content will be covered during the camp – $80


Strong snowboarding skills are required (able to ride a black diamond).


Guides fee, swag and entry into a product draw from our sponsors Arcteryx and G3, K2, Spark R&D and Clif Bar


Lift tickets


January 7,8 2017


*prices are subject to 5% gst

G3acr tran

  • Splitboard
  • Skins
  • probe
  • shovel
  • Avalanche transceiver
  • Collapsible poles
  • Backpack (25-40 litres in size; ie big enough to carry your stuff)

*we have the above items available for rent (please inquire if needed; limited amounts)

  • Normal snowboarding outerwear and boots
  • Water and food for a full day of skinning and riding in the backcountry
  • Extra insulated layer
  • Warm gloves
  • Thin gloves (if you have them they’re great while skinning up)
  • Sunglasses
  • Goggles
  • Extra touque