Rock Evolution Course



Everything you need to know to be confidently tackling a wide range of climbing objectives anywhere in the world.  This 4 days course is designed to take a new climbing with limited or no outdoor experience through top rope anchors, sport climbing, trad climbing, multi-pitch skills and finally rock rescue in a safe progressive manner.  Alternatively, jump in for the day session that fits your skill and experience.


Day 1 – Top Rope + Sport Climbing

  • Route selections macro and micro
  • Crag hazard recognition and mitigation
  • Bolt evaluation
  • Safe lead falling technique and practice
  • Threading anchor for rappel
  • Safe rappelling
  • Setting up a tope rope anchor system
  • Safe leading technique
  • Safe lead falling technique and practice

Day 2 – Traditional Gear Climbing

  • Protection placement and assessment (cams, nuts)
  • Anchor Systems
  • Safe retreating
  • Lead tactics
  • Supervised practice

Day 3 – Multi Pitch Climbing

  • Advanced anchor building
  • Different methods of top down belays
  • Belay management
  • Efficiency: climbing and change overs
  • Multi-pitch rappelling
  • Supervised multi-pitch climb

Day 4 – Rock Rescue

  • Escape belayHaul: 3:1, 6:1, Block and tackle
  • Lower: redirect, munter, knot pass
  • Counterbalance rappel, Tram
  • Improvised rappel anchors/system


This course is geared for anyone who wants to progress their rock climbing skills quickly in a structured fashion.  The objective is to learn all the skills to be able to confidently be the leader in any type of rock climbing style: Top rope, sport, trad and mult pitch climbing.


Guides fee, Group equipment.


Personal climbing gear (shoes, harness, helmet), Lunch, Water, Camera

Dates 2017

Midweek session

June 7, 21, July 5, 19

Weekend session

June 17, 18, July 1,2

Continuous session

June 29, 30, July 1,2

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$165 (1-day session)

$600 (4 days)


This course is run over 1 days of a weekend in the Squamish area.  Venues include Murrin and Smoke Bluff park depending on conditions and ability.

Day 1:

Meeting at the Squamish adventure center 8:00 am.  Climbing until 16:00.

Rock Climbing in Squamish
Rock Climbing in Squamish