Traditional Climbing Course Squamish – 1 day

Traditional Climbing Course Squamish


Learning to lead on traditional gear is the most pivotal point in your climbing career.  The ability to lead safely and confidently on gear will open up thousands of climbing possibilities all over the world.  At the same time, this craft can be the most difficult and serious style of climbing.  Our 1-day trad climbing course is designed to create a solid/safe leader proficient and all types of gear placements, natural anchors, and lead strategies.

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  • Protection placement and assessment
  • Anchor Systems
  • Belaying a leader
  • Safe retreating
  • Lead tactics
  • Supervised practice

Who for

For intermediate to experienced climbers.  No previous leading experience necessary.

What’s included

Guides fee, Group equipment.

What’s not included

Personal climbing gear (shoes, harness, helmet), Lunch, Water, Camera

Dates 2017

April 15

May 6

May 27

June 17

July 8

July 29

August 19

September 9

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$165 per person

Save 10% off the total booking price when you combine the Multi-pitch Climbing course and our Traditional Climbing Course in the same weekend.


This course is run over 1 days of a weekend in the Squamish area.  Venues include Murrin and Smoke Bluff park depending on conditions and ability.

Day 1:

Meeting at the Squamish adventure center 8:00 am.  Climbing until 16:00.

Rock Climbing in Squamish
Rock Climbing in Squamish