New Routing First Ascents


New Routing First Ascents

Squamish and the Sea to Sky area have more rock than you could discover in a single lifetime.  Hunting down unclimbed terrain and prepping it for a First Ascent is what this course is all about. Just some of the topics covered: Selecting a quality route, How to place bolts, rope ascension and cleaning techniques.

If you’re not afraid of a little hard work and want to contribute to you’re climbing community this clinic is for you. And of course you get to name your very own climb!


This course is for anyone with lead climbing experience who is motivated to explore, get a little dirty and give back to the community.


Guide fee, group equipment, Hammer Drill, Scrubbing tools


Bolts, Chains


Anytime of the year


$400 per day


(Custom dates, duration, and prices are available)


Please contact Altus Mountain Guides for any questions or expert advice on the best equipment to have.  Let us know what you need on the list before you purchase any gear.  We can lend you gear free of charge or can advise you on the best gear to purchase. 

 Personal Gear:

  • Boots
  • Climbing/hiking pants – nylon, fleece, Schoeller, etc. (1 pair)
  • Gloves (work gloves)
  • Toque/warm hat – wool or fleece (1)
  • Sunglasses – 1005 UV block (1pr)
  • Headlamp with new battaries
  • Misc. personal items (camera, journal, etc.)
  • Sunscreen – minimum spf30
  • Water bottles/hydration system – minimum 1 liters
  • Walking pole(s) – Optional for log hikes

 Communal and Technical equipment / Hut Supplies:

  • (Supplied by AMG if required):
  • Climbing harness – seat harness only
  • Helmet
  • 3 locking carabineers
  • 1 belay device
  • Rope rescue cord / webbing
  • Small “thermos” for hot drinks (optional)
  • Knife – Swiss army style
  • 1st aid (blister kit, toothbrush, blister kit, toilet paper, medications, etc.)