Intro Ice Climbing Whistler – 1 day course


Every wonder what it would be like to climb a frozen waterfall??  Well our intro ice climbing whistler course is your opportunity!  Strap crampons on your feet, grab some ice axes and learn the basic movement skills to climb a frozen waterfall in winter.

Who For

This course is open to anyone who wants to learn how to use the tools of the trade and see what climbing Ice is all about.

Whats included

Guides fee, technical equipment

Whats not included

Personal equipment including plastic mountaineering boots, warm clothes and ski gloves, lunch


Canadian Rockies starting December, Whistler mid December or January


$475 for the first student $75 for each additional student up to a group of four


Meet your guide in Whistler at 8am and get outfitted with the equipment.  Go out to the the nearby canyons and get introduced to some moderate waterfall ice climbs.