Backcountry Skills Workshops – 1 day course




The backcountry skills workshops are running all winter long.  A buffet of every skill from map and compass to steep couloir skiing.  Take 1 or all of them.
Our goal with these short workshops is to give skiers the opportunities to learn new skills and continually progress throughout the season; without having the time commitment and financial burden of some more traditional backcountry ski courses.

All workshops will be 1 day long based in the Whistler BC area and lead by a local ACMG or IFMGA guide. These courses will assume a basic level of experience.  AST 1 or equivalent experience is necessary.

Who for

Beginner to Advanced. Good fitness is required as you can expect to travel uphill on skis 2000 – 7000ft (depending on fitness). AST 1 or equivalent experience is necessary. For advanced workshops please let us your previous ski and backcountry experience prior to signing up.

2016/2017 Dates  +  Workshops

November 26
Crevasse Rescue for skiers

November 30
Companion Rescue – Half day $50

December 3
Early season snowpack observations/tests and analysis

December 10
Intro Split Boarding

January 7
Women’s touring

January 8
Whiteout navigation/Map and compass

January 15
Glacier travel (up and down)

February 26
Ski Mountaineering 101

March 15
Steep skiing/Big Mountain


$120 – 1 day workshop
+5% GST

* Please note that if applicable a backcountry pass will need to be purchased for workshops which take place in the Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain Backcountry.  Tickets are available for $56