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Are these the only trip you offer?

No, we can accommodate any trip to meet any budget!  Custom trip are what we do so if you have a dream, ask us, we can make it happen.

Do I need Insurance to join one of your trips?

We highly recommend you purchase personal insurance to cover you for rescue, evacuation and repatriation.  Also consider trip insurance in the event of cancellation due to illness.

If the weather does not allow the trip to proceed do I lose my deposit?

No, though we can often make a trip run despite the weather, you will not be penalized due to uncooperative weather. We can work on rescheduling to accommodate your availability.  In cases where an alternative trip cannot be arranged a refund will be issued.

What are the full details of my trip?

When you contact us to sign up for a trip we can give you all the details in either in person or cover any questions you might have through email.

What equipment do I need?

Depending on the program we will send you a comprehensive equipment list.  We are  always happy to field any extra questions you might have about gear since little details make the difference on a big trip. Also, we allocate time at the start of each day to cover any equipment related concerns.