Avalanche Courses

AST 1 + Ski Touring Skills

Our AST 1 + Ski Touring Skills Course is designed to fill the gap between conventional AST 1 programs and actually getting out into the terrain ski touring on your own! The thought is why learn about avalanche terrain if you dont have the skills to actually get there on your own. This is why we are incorporating ski touring skill to our normal AST 1 course. Giving you the skill to get into and ski the terrain and the also the skills to do it safely.

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Backcountry Skills Workshops – 1 day course

The backcountry skill workshops are running all winter long. A buffet of every skill from map and compass to steep couloir skiing. Take 1 or all of them.
Our goal with these short workshops are to give skiers the opportunities to learn new skills and continually progress through the season with out having the large finical and time commitment of some more traditional backcountry ski courses.

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AST Level 1 Whistler

AST Level 1 Whistler is two full days of introductory Avalanche Skills Training. You may be taking your first steps outside the resort’s boundaries. You may be an experienced mountain rider seeking a more solid foundation. Whatever your current level, this course will teach you everything you need to know – so you can enjoy the backcountry safely and self-assured.

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AST Level 2 Whistler

AST Level 2 in Whistler takes you to bigger mountains, further places, wilder terrain. If you’re looking to take it a few steps further, this course is for you. Experience five days of hands-on Avalanche Skills Training in the backcountry, immersed in the challenging terrain to push your knowledge beyond its limit. We offer intimate group sizes taught by professional mountain guides who are committed to teaching you the skills required to be safe, have a blast, and further elevate your backcountry career.

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AST 1 and 2 Snowboard

This avalanche course is only for snowboarders. Movement on a snowboard on this course is part of the training. Learn how to move in the mountains on your new split board, taught buy an experienced split boarder. Our AST Snowboard instructors are specially trained to teach the the Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 Course, it will provide an entry-level decision-making framework that is based on the most advanced knowledge available. It is suitable for use by people with basic training and little experience.

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