Rock Rescue Course – 1 day

Are you prepared to deal with are rescue 500 feet of the deck on a multi-pitch rock climb? or to execute an improvised rappel. If you venturing off the ground, be prepared with the skills to get yourself out of trouble. Our rock rescue course will start building the essential foundational skills to manage rescue or retreat scenarios in multi-pitch terrain.

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Intro Rock Climbing Course

This squamish rock climbing course, intro to rock climbing course is for the first time rock climber or the experienced gym climber that wants to learn the skills to climb outdoors. Learn the skills to get into outdoor rock climbing from the Vancouver climbing gyms. Push your limits rock climbing in Squamish, high on the Chief. Climb Vancouver coastal ranges of BC. Altus Mountain Guides will help turn your Rock Climbing, fantasies into reality. Sport Climbing is the skill you need to take your indoor gym climbing or outdoor top rope climbing to the next level. Learning how to sport climb safely will open up rock climbing destinations all over and is the perfect stepping stone to traditional climbing and multi-pitch climbing.

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Sport Climbing Course

Sport Climbing is the skill you need to take your indoor gym climbing or outdoor top rope climbing to the next level. Learning how to sport climb will allow you climb at a greater variety of destinations and is the perfect stepping stone to trad climbing and multipitch climbing.

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AST 1 + Ski Touring Skills

Our AST 1 + Ski Touring Skills Course is designed to fill the gap between conventional AST 1 programs and actually getting out into the terrain ski touring on your own! The thought is why learn about avalanche terrain if you dont have the skills to actually get there on your own. This is why we are incorporating ski touring skill to our normal AST 1 course. Giving you the skill to get into and ski the terrain and the also the skills to do it safely.

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Traditional Climbing Course Squamish – 1 day

Our 1 day traditional Climbing Course Squamish is designed to create a solid/safe leader proficient and all types of gear placements, natural anchors and lead strategies. Learning to lead on traditional gear is the most pivotal point in your climbing career. The ability to lead safely and confidently on gear will open up thousands of climbing possibilities all over the world. At the same time this craft can be the most difficult and serious style of climbing.

Trip Details > The Grand Wall, Squamish
Rope Skills for Skiers/Riders

Learn the rope skills need to ski and ride in big mountain terrain. Whether you are crossing glaciers, boot packing over bergschrunds, climbing couloirs or rapping into steep ski lines. Arm yourself with the tools to keep safe and access the lines you want.

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Multi-Pitch Climbing Course Squamish – 1 day

Come learn from the local masters the art of efficient multipitch climbing. This course will focus on all the technical components to multipitch climbing: multidirectional anchors, autoblock belays and proper equipment selection. Also, we help you develop efficiency and lead strategies because these soft skills make the difference between topping out in style or enduring an epic.

Trip Details > Angles Crest, Squamish
Rock Evolution Course

Everything you need to know to be confidently tackling a wide range of climbing objectives anywhere in the world. This 4 days course is designed to take a new climbing with limited or no outdoor experience through top rope anchors, sport climbing, trad climbing, multi-pitch skills and finally rock rescue in a safe progressive manner. Alternatively, jump in for the day session that fits your skill and experience.

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Squamish Splitter Camp – 2 day

The Squamish Splitter Camp is a two day turbo boosted tour of crack climbing in one of the world’s great sites: Squamish. Join our expert guides and pro athletes for a high end look into crack technique from thin to offwidth, protection strategies and advanced tips for succeeding on your project or just upping your game. We will visit crags that are off the beaten path and get into some obscure classics guaranteed to challenge any climber regardless of their abilities. The concept of this Camp is to make you a better all around crack master.

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Challenge the Chief

Think you have the muscle to climb the Squamish chief? Prove it! Two days we will train you the skills of rock climbing and attempt to summit the Squamish Chief by the main face climbing route – Squamish Buttress. If you are successful you will be entered into the draw for a crack at an alpine summit attempt, climbing gear to get you started on your own personal climbing journey and $250 to spend with us on any further course.

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Mystery Creek Big Mountain Ski Camp

Our first spring trips we are heading in to the rarely travel Mystery Creek Zone north of Whistler BC. Since this area is only accessed by helicopter we will have our pick of the area, big peak, expansive glaciers and ski lines for weeks. The Mystery Creek big mountain ski camp is going to be awesome!

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Tantalus Range Ski Mountaineering Camp

This years ski season wrap up trip is in one of the most coveted mountain ranges in BC. The Tantalus Range, although the the biggest peaks in the BC stand like a fortress guarded by the Squamish river and forbidding glaciers, teasing certainly most passenger driving the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler BC. We will be flying in to the Tantalus Range with a small group of motivated skiers and boarders with 2 of our best guides and one of Whistler top back country ski pros for 3 days of mountain skiing, learning and fun! Tantalus Range Ski Mountaineering Camp!

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Women’s Ski Mountaineering Camp

Big mountains, glaciers, steeps, summits! Learn the skills to go after the big peak and objectives. Join professional ski mountaineer Holly Walker and ACMG guides for 3 days of intensive structured education and a supported atmosphere to push your limits.

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Backcountry Skills Workshops – 1 day course

The backcountry skill workshops are running all winter long. A buffet of every skill from map and compass to steep couloir skiing. Take 1 or all of them.
Our goal with these short workshops are to give skiers the opportunities to learn new skills and continually progress through the season with out having the large finical and time commitment of some more traditional backcountry ski courses.

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Split board Skills Camp

Take the leap from the hill and into the backcountry! This is the Split Boarding Camp for you to learn the skills to effectively and safely splitboard in the backcountry. Based out of Whistler BC this course is taught by 2 time Olympian and pro big mountain rider Justin Lamoureux and IFMGA/ACMG mountain guide Ross Berg.

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Big Mountain Riding – Splitboarding Camp

Ready to step up to bigger days and become more of a leader on your trips.
Based out of Whistler BC this course is taught by 2 time Olympian and pro big mountain rider Justin Lamoureux and IFMGA/ACMG mountain guide Ross Berg.
Justin has nearly 20 years of backcountry experience and recently tried to ride and film all 30 mountains he can see from his house in Squamish in a single season for “The Backyard Project” web series.

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Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Course – 2 day

On our Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Course, you will learn the necessary skills for glacier travel and companion rescue. We will cover glacier dynamics, glacier assessment, risk factors, glacier travel and companion rescue (crevasses extraction).

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Whistler Backcounty Skiing Course – Weekend

On our, Weekend – Backcounty Skiing Course – Whistler, you will learn how to take your skiing experience to the next level. We will introduce you to back country ski touring gear, travel techniques, avalanche awareness, route finding, route planning, without navigation and descent strategies. Our courses are ran at a maximum 4:1 student to guide ratio to ensure each student will gain as much as possible from the course. Typically based in Whistler.

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Ski Mountaineering Course – 5 day

Ski Mountaineering Course – 5 day, is the complete program to take your backcountry skiing to the next level. This course is designed to teach and practice the skill for safe skiing in remote heavily glaciated terrain, Steep Mountain peak faces, Technical ascents/descents, advanced avalanche training, White out navigation. Our 5 day Ski Mountaineering Course is typically held in Whistler area or the Tantalus Range. We hire only certified ACMG Ski / Snowboard Guides or IFMGA certified mountain guides, who are highly familiar with the terrain.

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Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Course

Learn the necessary skill for glacier travel and crevasse rescue course. We will cover glacier dynamics, glacier assessment, risk factors, glacier travel and companion rescue (crevasse extraction)

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AST Level 1 Whistler

AST Level 1 Whistler is two full days of introductory Avalanche Skills Training. You may be taking your first steps outside the resort’s boundaries. You may be an experienced mountain rider seeking a more solid foundation. Whatever your current level, this course will teach you everything you need to know – so you can enjoy the backcountry safely and self-assured.

Trip Details > Whistler Avalanche courses can keep you safe in the backcountry. photo: Derek Vanderkooy
AST Level 2 Whistler

AST Level 2 in Whistler takes you to bigger mountains, further places, wilder terrain. If you’re looking to take it a few steps further, this course is for you. Experience five days of hands-on Avalanche Skills Training in the backcountry, immersed in the challenging terrain to push your knowledge beyond its limit. We offer intimate group sizes taught by professional mountain guides who are committed to teaching you the skills required to be safe, have a blast, and further elevate your backcountry career.

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Intro Mountaineering Course

This long weekend mountaineering course initiates you in to the world of Mountaineering through a development of climbing skill sets. We start with the basics at out local cliffs and progress through the weekend to attempt a high alpine summit. For the neophyte, there’s safety in numbers so this course runs at a 6:1 student to instructor ratio.

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Advanced Mountaineering Course

The Advanced Mountaineering Course will take your rock and glacier travel skills to the next level. The Bugaboos, Rogers’ Pass, the Rockies, Tantalus, we’ll choose the arena that’s right for you. We keep the ratios small for a course like this, at most 4:1 student to guide ratio.

Trip Details > Kuffner Arete, Mount Maudit
Alpine Climbing Course

Take this alpine climbing course if you want to take mountaineering to its highest level? This alpine climbing course program tackles alpine routes with glacial approaches and a technical difficulties involving rock, snow, ice and mixed media climbing. The ratio for this program is no more than 2:1 Student instructor ratio.

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30 Day Alpine Rock Climbing Course

This comprehensive month long program takes you from crags, to the glaciers and ultimately to lofty mountain summits. For thirty days, climb your way through the best rock and alpine climbing areas in Western Canada: Squamish, Skaha, Rogers’ Pass and the Bugaboos.

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New Routing First Ascents

First Ascent is what this course is all about. Just some of the topics covered: Selecting a quality route, How to place bolts safetly, rope ascension and cleaning techniques.

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4 Day Complete Ice Climbing Course

This program teaches you the movement skills and protection strategies to safely ascend and descend single and multi-pitch climbs. This course also racks you lots of mileage on ice, giving you the ability to lead with confidence and retreat.

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2 Day Advanced Ice

After a good technique session, learn the principles of ice protection, and try out a mock lead under the supervision of your instructor.

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AST 1 and 2 Snowboard

This avalanche course is only for snowboarders. Movement on a snowboard on this course is part of the training. Learn how to move in the mountains on your new split board, taught buy an experienced split boarder. Our AST Snowboard instructors are specially trained to teach the the Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 Course, it will provide an entry-level decision-making framework that is based on the most advanced knowledge available. It is suitable for use by people with basic training and little experience.

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Big Mountain Ski Course – 7 day

Big Mountain Ski Course is, Advanced Skiing Snowboarding and Mountaineering School. It is a specialty course set up to teach people methods to manage Big Mountain terrain. Altus Mountain Guides has the skills and technical abilities to guide you through the learning process so you can ride the places you have always dreamed of, safely and with confidence.

Trip Details > Mount Pattison, Whistler Backcountry skiing
Intro Ice Climbing Whistler – 1 day course

Every wonder what it would be like to climb a frozen waterfall?? Well our intro ice climbing whistler course is your opportunity! Strap crampons on your feet, grab some ice axes and learn the basic movement skills to climb a frozen waterfall in winter.

Trip Details > Ross Berg - Cascade Falls, Banff CA
Canadian Society of Mountain Medicine: Pre Course Training

Altus Mountain Guides offers a pre or post course training at a discounted price for any excepted CSMM students. Winter and summer pre courses are offered. See course outlines here: http://www.mountainmedicine-canada.org/

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