Canadian Rockies

Heli Assisted Mountaineering

Heli Assisted Mountaineering in Canada. Let the magic of a helicopter whisk you off to the most amazing untouched Alpine destinations in Canada. Heli Mountaineering, short for (Helicopter Mountaineering) is the most exquisite civilized way to experience the remote untouched wilderness. The coastal mountains of British Columbia are among the most beautiful in the world and among the hardest to access because of the thick coastal rainforest. The jungle like vegetation can all but stop progress. With the aid of a short Helicopter trip you can skip the painful slog to the Alpine.

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Mt Robson

Mt Robson is one of the most beautiful and most sought after peak in the Canadian Rockies. From the parking lot of Mt Robson the 10200 feet of rock and snow towers above like no other mountain in Canada. Mt. Robson being one of the more challenging summits in Canada, it sees at most a few summits per year.

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Rogers Pass

Rogers Pass is characterized by tower peaks and ridges of stunning quartzite rising up 6000′ above the highway. We offer individual peak ascent, 6 day programs as well as custom trips to this world class mountaineering destination.

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Canadian Mountaineering

The Rocky Mountains are the birth place of modern mountaineering in Canada. Follow in the foot steps of the original alpinists from the legendary Lake Louise Group in Banff National Park to the Columbia Icefields in Jasper. We offer classic objectives throughout the summer as well as week long all inclusive programs targeting the most classic peaks that best suit your abilities.

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