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Tantalus Range Skiing, April 30, 2013
Crosby | May 1, 2013 |

Tantalus Range Skiing! Today was one of those day that I will remember! Powder skiing some of the biggest lines in the Tantalus Range on April 30th 2013! Skiing in the Tantalus has the feel of being in the BIG mountains. Yet it is only a short $250 round trip flight from Squamish, thanks to Black Tusk Helicopters. Skiing in the Tantalus Range is one of the over looked places because it seems so out of reach. I have to say it was great to have the entire range to ourselves on what could have been one of the best ski days of the year on April 30. Who would have thought Tantalus Range Skiing this time of year?

Second run of the day off SerratusMt. Serratus Tantalus Range


The Tantalus Range

Tantus Range the Steep Skiing playgroundPowder on April 30th!


Skiing Mt. Serratus