Frendo Spur, (D+ / III 4 1200m) Aiguille du Midi North Face, Chamonix, Mont Blanc

Last week I (Crosby Johnston) had the pleasure to guide the Frendo Spur on the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix Mont Blanc. The Frendo Spur is rated (D+ / III 4 1200m) and is on the North Face Aiguille du Midi. However it totals 1600m of elevation from hut to the Aiguille du Midi Telepherique. A perfect day of climbing with ideal rock snow and ice conditions made this day a dream to Mountain Guide! Kirsi Heiskanen and I managed to finish the route in just one day, rather than the typical 2 days of climbing.  We had to “run” to make the last Telepherique down but we did make it! The Frendo Spur on the North Face Aiguille du Midi is an other of the ultra classic routes of Chamonix that are only just steps away from the huts or Telepherique systems. Kirsi was having so much fun and just didn’t stop smiling. These are the kinds of routes that a Mountain Guide dreams to climb and Guide with a strong client like Kirsi Heiskanen.

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Crosby’s knowledge and love of the mountains means that guests always have an enjoyable experience. Regardless of what mountain adventure you choose with Altus Mountain Guides, Crosby’s diverse skill set enables him to cover all of the details, ensuring that you have a safe, well-organized, and fun trip that exceeds your expectations, whether it is in the Alpine on skis or the rock.

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